Amcom Office Systems Found the Easy Interface They Were Seeking With Asset Panda

Amcom Office Systems needed a tracking platform with an easy to use and understand interface to track and manage a large number of assets.

Asset Panda Solutions:
• Easy API Integration

Customer since: July 2015

Amcom Office Systems was one of the first core companies acquired by Global Imaging Systems, known as the most disciplined consolidator in the highly fragmented office imaging solutions industry. Known in the region as TeamAmcom, we have continued to lead the way in document technology solutions. With over 150 qualified employees and our 35,000 square feet of facilities in the Greater Pittsburgh area, we work with our customers to determine their document output needs.

We have a high number of assets that we need to keep constant track of — laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets, and network infrastructure. Some of these items are on the move, while some are stationary. We were using an alternative tracking software before discovering Asset Panda to track our vital assets. It was a complicated interface to manage our critical assets.

Since transitioning our asset tracking over to Asset Panda, it’s been a much easier process to keep up with each of our assets no matter where they might be. Most importantly, Asset Panda offers us a much easier interface to work in. The steps are well laid out, and it didn’t take much time to learn the platform and begin working from it soon after that. The documentation of what assets we have, where they are, their maintenance/repair history has made the overall process of tracking easy and efficient. We couldn’t say that with our previous method of tracking.

Asset Panda’s open API allows us to move data to and from other applications to help manage data relevant to our specific assets, which could include anything from financial information such as depreciation, replacement costs, etc. to work orders, help desk tickets, and employee lists. We are saving time in our day when it comes to tracking assets – around 2 hours. And the customer support has been responsive to any questions or needs that we have had. They helped us to optimize our processes by seamlessly integrating Asset Panda with the system we already had in place.

Asset Panda has enabled us to maintain a position of leadership due in part to technology and software that allows us to increase efficiency in document management.

– John Daley, IT Coordinator

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