Animal Supply Company Enjoys Asset Panda’s Easy Interface, Integrations & More

Based in Irving, Texas, Animal Supply Company (ASC) is a nationwide distributor of pet and food supplies.

Asset Panda Solutions:
• Inventory management
• Freshservice integration
• Microsoft Active Directory integration
• Customized reporting
• Unlimited custom fields
• Asset tracking over multiple locations


Customer since: November 2015

Animal Supply Company distributes high-end pet food and animal supplies to a network of retailers throughout the United States. The company maintains support centers in the West, Central, South, Northeast and Southeast regions of the country, and employs a total staff of 1,000, 120 of whom are based in the Irving headquarters. ASC also provides retailer support throughout the year by hosting buying shows and facilitating regular product training for our retailers.

Our fixed assets include computers, monitors, docking stations and MiFi devices. They’re spread out all over the United States. Before, we were using to keep track of our assets. Ghost assets and lost assets were our main problems.

Now we’re keeping track of all of our assets in one place with Asset Panda. We use both the web and mobile Asset Panda apps. I use the web app while I’m at my desk, and I like the ability to check information on a machine by scanning the barcode with the mobile app. The ease of use and simplification have made it easier on us. Customer service has been very responsive and knowledgeable. I’ve only opened one ticket, but it was handled very well.

Asset Panda has made it a lot easier to keep track of our assets, and it’s making our current inventory efforts a lot less painful. The app’s interface and features offering have been very easy to understand. I would estimate that we’re saving about 30 minutes a day by using Asset Panda.

For us, the features of Asset Panda that have been particularly useful are customized reporting, asset tracking over multiple locations, unlimited custom fields and inventory management. We’ve also been using the Microsoft Active Directory integration, which provides a central location for our network administration and security; and the Freshservice integration, a cloud-based service desk and IT service management solution.

On a scale of 1 to 10, the likelihood of my recommending Asset Panda to a friend or colleague is a 10.

–Dennis Johnson, IT Support Technician

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