Getting the Most From Asset Inventory Tags

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Getting the Most From Asset Inventory TagsChances are that you look at asset inventory tags every single day and don’t even realize it. They are all around you. Take a look at your desk. Do you see a barcode affixed to your computer and printer? Then you just found asset inventory tags. So now that we know these tags are everywhere, what do they really do and how are they important in your business?

Simply stated, asset inventory tags enable companies to manage their fixed assets. For many companies, their fixed assets are the lifeblood of their business. Employees as well as the customers they service rely on them. If assets are lost, stolen, or out of service, a workflow can come to a screeching halt. When competition is at an all-time high and businesses are fighting for the all-important customer, they don’t have time to guess where assets are or if they are in good working condition. Companies always need to be aware of three things about their assets:

  1. Where they are
  2. Who has them/had them last
  3. What condition they are in


“For many companies, their fixed assets are the lifeblood of their business.”


The information kept in asset inventory tags can contain the entire lifecycle of an asset and a wealth of information about each asset. From the moment an asset is entered into inventory, every bit of data can be scanned from that one tag and made available to everyone who uses it. Users can find out when an asset was used last, who used it, the conditions in which it was used if it is purchased or leased, the full maintenance history since going into service.

Asset inventory tags are most commonly identified with a barcode or QR code. The process of using the tags could not be any easier. The tags are affixed to the asset and then scanned using a handheld barcode scanner, which captures the data and uploads it into a fixed asset tracking software system. Now the data is available in real time and is accessible anytime, from anywhere. It’s that simple!

The ability to use mobile technology with asset inventory tags makes it even easier for employees to use their own smartphones or tablets to update the information into a cloud server. Now data can be captured out in the field, across the country or in the back warehouse. There’s no limit on where you can scan or access data – and it’s done quickly and securely.

So now you know what purpose asset inventory tags play and why they are so important. So how do you get your hands on some and is there an asset tracking and management platform that makes the entire process of tracking and managing assets easier?

Asset Panda is based on the philosophy that customers need a powerful but simple and highly customizable way to track their resources any way they want. In 2017, Asset Panda, the most robust, user-friendly mobile asset tracking system in the world, launched Buy Asset Tags, an online store designed to give clients of every industry a means to manage their assets and inventory with durable, secure asset tags and labels.

Buy Asset Tags makes it easy to shop for the custom tags and labels best-suited for the specific needs of your business. Products are available in a variety of materials like foil, aluminum, metal, plastic, polycarbonate, and polyester and include options like tamper-evident, destructible, hanging and rearview mirror tags. Tags and labels are built to withstand harsh conditions including chemicals, solvents, abrasion and high temperatures.

Whether your assets are in an office, manufacturing plant, a construction site or someplace else, having the right asset tracking software combined with the right asset inventory tags will enable you and your employees to track assets in a simple, easy-to-use way. Visit to learn more.


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