Asset Management with Barcode Technology Bests Error-Filled Alternatives

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Asset Management with Barcode Technology Bests Error-Filled AlternativesWhen it comes to tracking and managing your company’s assets, there is one piece that can turn the process from a time-consuming and error-filled disaster to an easy to use, streamlined procedure. And that is the barcode. Asset management with barcode technology has revolutionized the way companies are dealing with their assets and the results have been receiving rave reviews!

Gone are the days of shared Excel spreadsheets that took so much employee time and were always filled with errors. The data that was properly input was limited. Today, users can go way beyond a serial number and basic description. Asset management software allows you to add photos and video, alerts, notes/memos, and some even come with GPS capabilities.


“Companies are finding that they save both time and money.”


For companies who used handheld scanners, they quickly are realizing the cost savings once they migrate to asset management with barcode technology already built-in. The handheld scanners are quite expensive and like any tool can break down. When one of those scanners go “out of service” it can create a backlog of work and sometimes employees just forget to enter their asset data and have already moved on to other projects. No company has time for guesswork, and barcode scanning helps eliminate that.

The benefits of asset management with barcode technology are many. Companies are finding that they save both time and money. They know what assets they have, eliminating the need for unnecessary duplicate purchases. They know where their assets are, so they aren’t wasting time searching for them. They know their maintenance/repair status and assets are kept up to date and in good condition and not unexpectedly out of service.

Other notable benefits include:

  1. Little to no training time
  2. It’s very cost-effective to design barcodes and print them
  3. Barcodes can be attached to virtually any surface so there’s no reason NOT to barcode assets of every size and variety
  4. Data gathered in barcodes through a barcode scanner can be recorded instantly and viewed in real time
  5. Accounting departments appreciate the up-to-date data when it comes to audits or budgeting. It also helps aid when making purchasing decisions for the company.

Asset Panda has taken the process of asset management with barcode technology to a completely new level by building its barcode scanner into its free mobile app. To upload new assets, it’s as easy as using your mobile phone or tablet and opening the app, which is available for both iOS and Android devices. No additional hardware or software is required to use Asset Panda. If you have access to the web, or you have a mobile device, you’re ready to go.

Once you’ve entered the barcode, how you organize the data about that asset is entirely up to you. Asset Panda is completely flexible and customizable; it works the way you do. Adapt the custom dashboard according to your needs. Set up custom fields, custom actions (like notifications and alerts), link groups of data and generate reports. Email asset details from your mobile device. Use the GPS feature to locate the exact location of an asset. You can also monitor check-in/check-out status, pull up lease/purchase, service contract, and insurance information, review maintenance schedules and create work orders. Additionally, with Asset Panda it’s simple to pull up the information your accounting and compliance departments need. Because the apps sync with the cloud, you have the assurance that the data you provide those departments is both real-time and accurate – which helps prevent errors, penalties and wasted money.

Asset Panda users have voiced their thoughts on how asset management with barcode technology has changed the way they track and manage their assets. One company is Great Pacific TV. Television production items such as expensive cameras and video equipment left the building to go on location shoots, and no one knew where they went, who had them, how long they had them, what condition they were in, or if they were even returned. This created conflict for multiple productions that needed specific pieces of equipment. But after deciding to invest in Asset Panda, they are able to take photos, barcode every piece of equipment, record serial numbers and model numbers, compile a complete data history for repairs, and track all locations where cameras were used. Now, Great Pacific TV has that much-needed accountability for their important inventory and a better handle on where it is at all times.

Learn more about Asset Panda with a free 14-day trial at Now is the perfect time to consider asset management with barcode technology for your business.


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