A Message from Asset Panda's CEO
on the COVID-19 Crisis

Rex KurziusAs we all navigate the global effects of COVID-19, please know that Asset Panda is committed to helping you and your organization meet the challenges you’re facing every day. I’m grateful to have a truly dynamic, hard-working team nurturing our clients as they adjust to a new normal. Together we will weather the storm and plant the seeds of success.

In the midst of our current crisis, many industries are facing a new reality. Businesses are working remotely. Schools and universities have moved to virtual learning. Stores are relying almost entirely on online purchases. The new reality of a homebound, remote workforce has presented challenges as employees and students take equipment home with them.

Even under normal circumstances, we know that businesses can’t afford to lose money, time or assets, and we know those concerns are even deeper right now. It's crucial to keep a centralized record of who has what and where it's supposed to be. That’s essentially why I created Asset Panda, and why we designed our solution to be highly configurable and flexible so it can adapt to almost any environment. We also chose a cloud-based model with unlimited user seats, which makes it possible for all of your employees to access and update asset data no matter where they're working in these chaotic times.

The bottom line is that while this new normal may be a little unnerving and certainly unpredictable, the technology exists to help your business navigate its way through this unchartered territory with confidence. We appreciate the opportunity to partner with you as we all help each other through this crisis.

Rex Kurzius
CEO, Asset Panda