Asset Software and the Value It Delivers

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Asset Software and the Value It DeliversAssets are a critical component of any business or organization, but tracking those assets can be one of the most time-consuming tasks of the entire workday. The right asset software will do so much more for your business than just help you track your vital assets. It will give you and your employees back invaluable time, save you considerable frustration, increase accountability throughout your organization and protect your bottom-line revenues.

A powerful asset software platform is becoming a “must have” for many businesses today. By having the right asset software in place, companies can efficiently and effectively keep vital assets and inventory located, regularly maintained, serviced and repaired.

Failing to track and maintain a company’s assets can be extremely expensive at all levels. From the unnecessary use of workforce, turning minor repairs into complete overhauls to spending additional dollars to replace equipment thought to be lost, the key to successful asset tracking has real-time visibility through effective and easy-to-use asset software.

Many companies shy away from asset software because they think it’s expensive or impossible to understand. That isn’t the case anymore. Today’s asset software platforms include built-in scanners that work with barcodes that can be used from employees own smartphones and tablets. The software comes with a variety of customizable features that can streamline your workflow and help employees work more efficiently and productively. The best asset tracking solutions and tools also enable organizations to track repair and maintenance schedules, asset locations, and other crucial asset information.

Here are some real, value-added ways in which asset software benefits companies and have changed the way they track and manage assets and inventory:

Time Savings.  Manually compiling an inventory of assets into a spreadsheet is incredibly time-consuming. Users need to take into consideration the potential of errors in data entry from remote workers which can throw an entire system into chaos from one mistyped serial number.

Scalability.  Your asset software needs to grow with you. While you may start with five employees, there is always the potential to develop. As your business and employee numbers grow, so does the amount of equipment you need for daily operations. Having a single, easily scalable asset tracking solution will ease those growing pains.

Maintenance recording made easy.  Scheduled maintenance, software updates, and reports on an asset’s complete maintenance history can be pulled up by scanning the barcode with built-in barcode scanners. You can quickly run real-time reports on maintenance, when to update software, how many times a particular piece has been in for service, etc., all from your employees’ smartphones and tablets.

Depreciation and the lifecycle of an asset. Knowing the current non-depreciated value of your assets can aid companies as they make costly repair and maintenance decisions. There are times that repair costs will exceed the remaining amount of an asset and with a good asset monitoring software program in place. Viewing data from the lifecycle of an asset, management can get a better idea when it comes time to look at whether it’s best to repair an asset or replace it based on the data report of the asset from the moment it’s recorded.

Asset Panda’s flexible asset software system gives organizations large and small a comprehensive, lifecycle view of their vital assets and equipment. Completely customizable, the Asset Panda platform is not just incredibly powerful; it’s also straightforward to use. Clients are entitled to an unlimited number of users and may add specific details in their custom entries, like repair and replacement costs, current condition and administrative information. The depth of this information empowers clients to make better, more informed decisions, eliminate guesswork and costly errors, and reduce wasteful spending.

With its free mobile apps, cloud-based Asset Panda is an unbeatable value. We don’t have hardware and software licenses to pay for upgrades. No separate barcode scanners are required, which saves users repair and replacement costs.

Asset Panda users are saving time and money with our asset software. Cellular One saves 10 hours a week with Asset Panda. And in today’s results-driven workplace, employees can do a lot with ten more hours of time. See how Asset Panda has impacted the way they track and manage their valuable assets:


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