asset_tracking_postTestimonial Type: Asset Tracking Media

Company: Great Pacific TV

Client Name: Gregg Carmichael

Client Title: Facilities Coordinator

Before we started utilizing the Asset Panda software, we had simply put, terrible

asset control. Television production items such as expensive cameras and video

equipment left the building to go on location shoots, and no one knew where they

went, who had them, how long they had them, what condition they were in, or if

they were even returned. This created conflict for multiple productions that

needed specific pieces of equipment — but no one was able to account for where

the equipment was or when it would be returned for the next production to use.

Now that we have installed the Asset Panda’s suite of cloud software and apps,

we have implemented a fixed asset tracking system, giving us much more

control, security and maintenance over our inventory. This innovative asset

management tool allows us to literally drill down into our own business. Asset

inventory software tracking enables us to take photos, barcode every piece of

equipment, record serial numbers and model numbers, compile a complete data

history for repairs, and track all locations where our cameras were used. Now we

have that much needed accountability for our inventory and a better handle on

where our inventory is at all times.

Asset Panda’s asset management applications provide a detailed history on our

entire inventory, which in turn is helping us save money by being able to track

and maintain every piece of equipment and even make better purchasing choices

based on repair histories or pricing comparisons from vendors on products. The

data gathered through the fixed asset management software has become an

invaluable tool to our company. There is no more guesswork when it comes to

purchasing and we have inventory control down to the penny.

The fact that we now can completely maintain full control of our inventory thanks

to Asset Panda’s asset management software is critical — especially to a

company like ours, whose employees’ daily work and livelihood revolves around

our inventory of cameras and video equipment to create captivating shows our

viewers enjoy.

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