4 Ways to Use Asset Tracking Stickers in Education

By August 29, 2019Asset Tracking, Blog

Students at your school need the assets you provide to assist with their learning. Asset tracking stickers can make it easier for teachers and staff at your institution to keep those assets in good condition.

As an educational institution, you need to make your budget stretch as far as possible. The more life you’re able to get out of each asset, the longer your students can benefit from using it. However, it’s important to know when it’s time to replace those assets. Not having a plan can make it difficult to provide tools for students in need.

You don’t have the money to waste. If assets stop working before their expected life-span is up, your school simply has to find a way to do without. This hurts your students’ education and leaves them without the tools they need to succeed.

Try implementing labels in your asset tracking process in one or more of the following ways.

Implement Check-In/Check-out Procedures

You use check-in and check-out procedures for library books, so why should it stop there? It’s a great way to tell who is currently using an item. Plus, it offers a built-in way to track down items, should they go missing.

Asset stickers offer an easy way to start using check-ins and check-outs. Simply place them on the intended item and enter the appropriate information into your database. Once you’ve got the asset in the system, you can start loaning items to students who need them without risking losing all of the associated information.

Organize Your Assets Effectively

Not being able to track down an asset when you or one of your teachers needs it can create serious issues. They spend time looking for items instead of educating. This can leave a student who needs extra help without any way to succeed in school.

When you place asset tracking stickers on your items, you create a simple way to track each of them. Depending on what type of sticker you use, you could even implement GPS tracking technology to find it in real time.

Understand Your School’s Unique Asset Requirements

Each school serves a different population of students. That means each institution has differing asset requirements. Students in different fields of study rely on a variety of tools to help them learn. Science classrooms require lab equipment, while physical education has exercise machinery.

Depending on what classes you offer, your school will have different asset requirements than neighboring ones. Your student population will inform your asset needs, and with the right platform, you can input information from your school into your asset platform.

Secure Educational Technology with Asset Tracking Stickers

Many people visit schools on a day to day basis. You have no way of verifying every single one. Keeping your high-value assets secure is an important way of protecting what you have on hand. With the right labels, you can make it so that only people with the right permissions can access areas where assets are kept. This prevents unwanted visitors from going into these locations and protects your investments.

Asset tracking doesn’t have to be hard. Check out our platform free for two weeks to see if it’s something that’ll help your organization better support students!

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