5 Asset Tracking tips from Asset Panda.  Eliminate spreadsheets and the inefficiency that goes with them.  Eliminate expensive barcode scanners.  All you need is the mobile phone you all ready carry. Everything is backed up in the cloud.  1) Kill the spreadsheet. Stop wasting time with spreadsheets that are not shared or mobile. 2) Ditch expensive hardware. Most small businesses already have phones or tablets. No need to purchase expensive scanners. 3) Use cloud apps. Make sure your asset tracking is on the cloud,accessible by everyone and backed up. 4) Mobile Apps. Make sure your asset tracking as mobile apps so you can use your smartphone or tablet. You will be surprised at how many asset tracking systems do not have this. 5) Integrations are important. Check to see if your asset tracking software integrates with your accounting software, email, and other needed tools. Start a free trial.




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