At Kinkaid Civil Construction, Asset Panda is a ‘CFO’s Best Friend’

Kinkaid Civil Construction in Mesa, Arizona, is focused on the planning and underground construction of heavy civil infrastructure projects of all types and employs a staff of 75.

Asset Panda Solutions:
• Mapping
• Role-based settings
• Barcode generator
• Leased equipment tracking
• Facilities management

Customer since: March 2017

Kinkaid Civil Construction self-performs a wide variety of critical path work on each of our projects. Our goal is to ensure on-time delivery with exceptional quality. The company is vested in forecasting both the scheduling and constructability of each project in an effort to mitigate conflicts. Our proactive approach in the planning and execution of each task helps reduce cost and schedule impacts.

Our company either self-performs or subcontracts numerous kinds of work including concrete, including manholes, catch basins and drainage structures; underground utilities, including water lines, sewer lines, storm drains and irrigation work; and roadway/dirt work, including roadway excavation, mass excavation, and asphalt paving.

Our fixed assets include equipment, heavy equipment, vehicles, technology and more. Those assets move from job site to job site. Before Asset Panda, asset tracking never happened at our company. We’ve been using both the mobile and desktop Asset Panda apps now for two years. They’re not just convenient, but also accurate – they’re a CFO’s best friend!

Asset Panda’s interface and features offering were easy-peasy to understand. From my standpoint, the features of Asset Panda that have been particularly useful to our company are many and include data import, mapping, work orders and maintenance, electronic signature, mobile audit, role-based settings, the barcode generator, customized reporting, asset tracking over multiple locations, unlimited actions, unlimited custom fields, custom notifications, the ability to customize the mobile app from the web, inventory management, cost-effectiveness, leased equipment tracking and facilities management.

Asset Panda has changed the way we work, giving us the ability to see where everything is instead of spending time looking for it. I estimate we’re saving about four hours a day by using the app for our asset tracking efforts.

Now we actually know where all of our equipment is located and what we really own, and we can track job sites, maintenance and everything a construction company needs to be profitable. Our experience with the customer support team has been very good. I give Asset Panda a 10.

– Lynne Pace, Chief Financial Officer


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