Why Asset Panda is the Best Fixed Asset Platform for Education

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Why Asset Panda is the Best Fixed Asset Platform for EducationWalking into the classroom today is quite different from the classroom many of us remember. The chalkboard is hidden by screens and projectors. Students use iPads and laptops instead of pen and paper. Even textbooks have gone digital. With so much IT equipment in place – and expensive to boot – it’s critical that schools from elementary schools to colleges have the best-fixed asset platform to keep up with all of this.

Schools are investing hundreds of thousands (or even millions) of dollars into expensive equipment to keep up with evolving technology. Schools have to be able to account for each and every one of their assets and know where they are, who has them and the condition they are in. In an industry where every dollar counts and is closely monitored, education asset tracking is key.


“Approximately 60% of the average budget allocation goes towards instructional expenditures such as classroom supplies, extracurricular equipment.”


Did you know that approximately 60% of the average budget allocation goes towards instructional expenditures such as classroom supplies, extracurricular equipment (uniforms, athletic equipment) – and then there are the maintenance and replacement costs associated with these items? As schools invest in these items, they also take on the burden of these items being lost or damaged. They need to be maintained and upgraded from time to time. And eventually, as new technology comes into play, items are taken out of the rotation and new assets take their place.

Asset Panda is one of the best-fixed asset platforms when it comes to tracking education and related IT assets. Asset Panda is giving educators and administrators a simple, yet powerful tool to track the location and condition of every asset used. Let’s look at three different educational facilities and the way that they use Asset Panda and how it’s been the best-fixed asset solution for their needs:

Daniel Boone Area School District

The Technology Department maintains over 3,000 district devices that are linked to the district’s wide area network. As a public institution, it is critical that with those choices, we have a complete and accurate accounting of all assets paid for with taxpayer dollars.

Before we started with Asset Panda, asset tracking occurred via Excel spreadsheets, network scanners such as Lansweeper, and other separate databases. These were segmented sources with no change logs or ways to know what had been updated, when and by whom.

We are now actively running all of our physical inventory out of Asset Panda. The actions and notifications features have been especially useful in tracking such a large number of costly assets on a daily basis. With our team out in the field much of the time, the mobile apps have been very beneficial for making instant updates and getting real-time data on where our assets are and their condition.

Arbor Park School District 145

Our assets move throughout six different facilities and eight departments for fiscal efficiency. Before Asset Panda, we relied on manual processes to track and manage our assets: email, pen, and paper or nothing at all. We started using Asset Panda’s web and mobile apps a year ago. The features that have been especially useful are the project reports and management of requests. Our tech team uses Asset Panda to track their work orders and inventory. Asset Panda’s software has changed the way we work and has helped our bottom line by improving our communication, efficiency, morale, and culture while saving us time.

Denver Seminary

In Denver Seminary’s IT department, we track all physical assets, vendor contracts and software installs. Coming soon in Facilities and Housing, we’ll track all physical office, building and apartment assets. Our school campus has three buildings with four student apartments. We do have two partner sites in different states and we track a small number of assets there.

We were using an Excel workbook. The problems we experienced included our multiple technicians not being able to edit assets at the same time, no reporting and no mobile app. I like being able to view and edit assets on the go with Asset Panda’s mobile app. It’s a real time-saver. Custom groups and fields have been really useful, and being able to create custom actions is another great time-saver. With Asset Panda, the technicians are more apt to update assets since the process is so easy. Our inventory is more accurate which greatly helps IT and makes our Accounting and Finance department happy, too.


With Asset Panda’s free Android and iOS apps that sync with the cloud, assets can be instantly scanned using mobile devices that teachers/administrators already carry. No additional hardware or software is needed with Asset Panda; the entire lifecycle of every one of your vital assets lives in the palm of your hand. Asset Panda’s tracking platform is completely flexible and customizable, meaning you choose how to categorize and organize all of your assets. With Asset Panda, you’re entitled to multiple users, each with secure access, and without an additional fee.

We have lots of other great testimonials, case studies, and videos from education facilities around the world who all agree that Asset Panda is the best-fixed asset platform for their tracking and management needs. Learn more at www.assetpanda.com.


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