Boss Panda of the Month: Cody, Integrations and QC specialist

By April 5, 2018About Us



Integrations and QC specialist

Personal growth and always having a sense of pride are the things I love about my job. It’s wonderful to start each morning getting in touch with the development team and learning a lot along every step of the way. Everyone in our team has unique talents and diversified experience. Each person is great in their own little niche, and it is rewarding to see everyone come together to accomplish something great.

A little anecdote I’d like to share is that last summer, we formed one of the best kick-ball teams this side of Texas. We were SO good, we got 2nd from last place in the ENTIRE league. Talk about skill!

It gives me a great sense of pride knowing that we have helped play such a big role in our team. It’s great to stay motivated then see the results of the work we have put in. I love seeing our group of rockstars see successes here at Asset Panda.


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