Boss Panda of the Month: John, Implementation Specialist

By July 19, 2018About Us


Implementation Specialist

Being a Boss Panda of the Month is amazing and surprising for me.

I come in every day trying to juggle Implementation Puzzles, helping my colleagues, and doing my best to constantly evolve our thinking process for how we approach new solutions. I couldn’t possibly have learned so much without the amazing support of our entire team.

Every time I hear a customer sound amazed at what we can do for them, I get a huge smile on my face and it makes me feel valued. It’s really incredible how flexible we can adjust to different situations.

While I remain the current Rock, Paper, Scissors Champion, and now the Boss Panda of the Month, all I care about is ensuring that we continue to bring value to the day-to-day lives of our colleagues, and all our friendly clients.

I’m 1 year in, and I hope for many years to come for this exciting place 🙂


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