Boss Panda of the Month: Kaitlyn, Admin Assistant

By October 31, 2018About Us


Administrative Assistant

Working at Asset Panda makes me happy. I love planning fun things to do, making sure everyone has everything that they need, and I like the smiles I get from everyone. I love seeing that everyone is happy. Everyone comes over my desk to say ‘hello’ and to sneak some candy. I love these moments! They are my favorite part of each day.

The Asset Panda Team feels like a family. Everyone is always looking out for their coworkers, and they always try to help out as much as possible. Everyone is super friendly!!

Honestly, being Boss Panda of the Month is validation for me. I wasn’t happy in my last job due to a large amount of stress and quitting it was challenging for me. It was the first time in my life where I didn’t see it through to the end. Being hired here was a huge blessing. I love my Panda Family very much!



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