Boss Panda of the Month: Rodolfo, Software Engineer

By November 10, 2018About Us


Software Engineer

As a software engineer, what I enjoy about my job the most are the challenges, and this position certainly offers a lot of hard, complex, difficult ones. I work with a great team, and I really like the company culture, it is a friendly, but respectful, environment.

A few months ago, the team played a prank on our boss, Tad. He and another colleague went on an office visit for a couple of weeks, and while he was out, someone stuck his reading glasses high up on his office wall. We recently moved to a new building, but I think his reading glasses are still there in the old office!

I guess, being Boss Panda means you get free lunch for the whole month? Hahaha just kidding! It’s nice to get praise once in a while.


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