Case Study: Asset Panda Helps Cutting Edge Lawn Care Boost Tracking, Maintenance Efforts

Cutting Edge Lawn Care provides a variety of lawn care, maintenance, and landscaping services to residents in Austin, Texas.

Industry: lawn care, maintenance, and landscaping

Location: Austin, Texas, United States

Asset Panda Solutions:

  • general asset tracking and management
  • maintenance information and records
  • asset location notifications
  • custom tags and fields
  • barcode scanning

Customer since: May 2017


The Company Gained Multiple Benefits After Adopting the Software, Including Saving Money on Unnecessary Purchases


Cutting Edge Lawn Care is dedicated to providing the most exceptional, professional lawn care service in the city of Austin. The company’s self-described mission is “to treat every client and every person we meet with love, respect, and service – exactly the way we would like to be treated.” However, Cutting Edge wasn’t keeping track of any of its assets, besides the occasional note on a sheet of paper. Founder Todd Tindel worked with Operations Manager Philip Foltz to find a better solution.

Asset Panda was the solution Cutting Edge was looking for. Once implementing the software, the company’s team was able to:

  • Track exactly where equipment and tools were located
  • Avoid ordering extra/duplicate assets
  • Get notified of assets being sent out and coming back in
  • Anticipate and complete maintenance faster
  • Scan assets on-the-go with the mobile app’s barcode scanner

“Asset Panda has been an asset — no pun intended! — to help us keep track of equipment and stay on top of what we need and don’t need.”
– Todd Tindel, Owner and Founder

The Challenge

For more than 30 years, Cutting Edge Lawn Care has provided the area of North Austin, Texas with professional landscaping, lawn fertilization, weeding, irrigation, and mowing services. The company was founded by Todd Tindel, who said he began mowing lawns in high school: “It’s all I’ve ever done and all I’ve ever wanted to do.” Tindel said Cutting Edge’s goal is to be the best lawn care and maintenance company in Austin. “I know that sounds trite but we want to be customer-centric,” he said. “We want to be honest and trustworthy; we want to be responsive as well as proactive in our customers’ needs.”

Unfortunately, this noble mission was not helped by a complete lack of asset organization within Cutting Edge’s business. Tindel noted how his company wasn’t using anything to track assets and was just “trying to wing it and hang on to what degree of control we had.” At best, Cutting Edge kept track of some assets used every day by writing them down on a piece of paper on the office wall. However, with the sheer number of moving parts and important assets Cutting Edge’s team used on a daily basis, a change would have to be made soon if the company truly wanted to be the best around town.

“We have several hundred pieces of equipment running around, be it trimmers or various things, plus the exponential amounts of parts that we would need to maintain and hang onto in order to keep those trucks and pieces of equipment repaired,” Tindel explained. “We weren’t able to keep very good control of that. Theft is not a problem; it’s just we would buy more stuff than we needed and often times we wouldn’t have what we needed because we didn’t know what was there.”

The Solution

Tindel turned to his Operations Manager, Philip Foltz, to help start the search for an easier, more efficient way to track Cutting Edge’s assets. Like many Asset Panda customers before him, Foltz discovered the software through a Google search. But instead of trying the free 14-day trial, Cutting Edge’s team decided to do as much research up-front as possible before making a decision to experiment with a new asset tracking and management solution.

“Being a small company you almost have to be convinced before you really jump into the water; it’s kind of tough because you don’t have a lot of time to be road testing a bunch of different software products. You usually have to do a lot of research, a lot of reading, a lot of looking,” Foltz explained. “Honestly, we didn’t even use the free trial we just did a lot of research and looked at a lot of stuff it was doing and decided that it was going to be capable of doing what we wanted it to do and be implemented in a fairly quick fashion.”

Foltz passed over other asset tracking software options once his research showed they wouldn’t be flexible enough to achieve Cutting Edge’s goals. For example, one reason the operations manager chose Asset Panda was its custom fields feature which he could create upon implementation. “A lot of other companies didn’t have multiple custom fields,” Foltz said. “They had set things that you were stuck with and couldn’t make changes or couldn’t mold it into what you’re business does, but not every business is the same.”

Once choosing Asset Panda, Foltz worked with the sales team to get the software as customized to Cutting Edge’s needs as possible. “The initial setup process was fairly simple, fairly quick, and an Asset Panda associate helped us get the basics going,” Foltz explained, noting how there was a lot to change and edit in order to get the software to do what his company wanted.

In the end, though, Cutting Edge was delighted with the customer service experience at Asset Panda. “We are using another scheduling and billing software for our service and it’s okay, but [its team members] are not as responsive as they should be,” explained Tindel. “Since we started using Asset Panda, there was a couple of challenges up front but very quickly they were mobilizing and changing the process. It is much easier than it used to be when we first started because I think Asset Panda is really on top of things as far as trying to simplify this, where so many other companies try to make things seem way too complicated.”

The Results

All that customization and attentive customer service paid off for Cutting Edge Lawn Care. Once the company started using Asset Panda, team members immediately started noticing positive changes and improvements to the way Cutting Edge conducted business and served its customers, specifically in terms of using Asset Panda’s mobile app to improve operations.

Tindel said the mobile app is “very simple to use” and “it loads quick. “We can scan with those devices using either a barcode or a number of some sort and it very quickly pulls up,” Tindel explained. “Also, if someone else scans it and either checks something out or returns it, I get a notification immediately that has happened, so it’s a great way for me to keep track of something.” Foltz seconded his boss’s thoughts on the app’s ease of use. “What sets Asset Panda apart from the competition is the mobile app’s scanning ability,” he said. “A lot of other [asset tracking software solutions] have the scanning ability, but the updates we get from Asset Panda when things need to be changed or made better are quick.”

“Since implementing Asset Panda, I have noticed a difference in the availability of inventory to repair assets when assets are due for maintenance,” added Foltz. “We are a lot quicker to get those things done when they need to be done. Things aren’t getting lost or misplaced; when assets go out on a one time job, we know if they have not been returned the next day and we can go looking for them because we have a limited number of assets for certain projects and we need to either have them back to be serviced to go to the next project or just know where they’re at all times.”

In the end, Foltz and Tindel believe that if they hadn’t chosen Asset Panda they’d be stuck tracking maintenance on that piece of paper on the wall, which Foltz pointed out is not very efficient or very accurate.” He also said Cutting Edge would be at a loss “not having a very good idea of where most of our equipment was at any time and just keeping track of all of that, where it is at, when it’s been fixed, what’s been done to it.”


Foltz said the #1 thing he’d recommend about Asset Panda to other companies considering the software is its flexibility and “being able to customize just about anything you’re doing. “I’ve got it tracking everything from parts to mowers to trimmers even batteries. I know where my batteries are, what trucks they are in and I know when warranties are up on them,” he explained. “You have to keep track of that stuff because if something goes bad and it’s under warranty you need to know.”

“The implementation [of Asset Panda] is fairly simple; it is a little drawn out, but that’s like anything else you really want that is customizable,” Foltz concluded. “It takes a little bit of time to get it customized to what you are doing, but once you get it in place it’s very simple.”

Asset Panda is used by a variety of professional service businesses like Cutting Edge Lawn Care. One customer, a dog walking company named Dog’s Deserve It in Chicago, uses the software to track clients’ keys being used and handled by agents. Another Asset Panda client is NEXClean, a specialized cleaning company which predominantly services healthcare organizations; after implementing Asset Panda, NEXClean was able to save 4-5 hours per week which had previously been spent manually entering asset data into a spreadsheet! If you’re a professional services company, Asset Panda can help you achieve similar results, streamline your asset tracking processes, save you time and money, and improve your bottom line.

You can try Asset Panda for free with our 14-day trial, or give us a call at 855-898-6058 to get a custom quote!

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