Case Study: Thompson Law Eliminates Months of Downtime and Lost Productivity with Asset Panda

Thompson Law, a Dallas/Fort Worth-based personal injury law firm, grew from 8 employees in 2017 to more than 60 employees 18 months later. Asset Panda helped them streamline caseloads and on boarding new clients, which helped the expand quickly in a short timeframe.

Asset Panda Solutions:

• IT asset tracking to
ensure equipment
is available for any

• Improved asset
management and
storage measures to
increase efficiency

• Enhanced software
license tracking for
quick new user setup

Industry: Legal

Location: Dallas, TX

Customer since: 2018


Thompson Law, a Dallas/Fort Worth-based personal injury law firm, grew from 8 employees in 2017 to more than 60 employees 18 months later. Asset Panda helped them streamline caseloads and on boarding new clients, which helped them expand quickly in a short timeframe.

Thompson Law strives to keep its clients involved in every step of the process. Managing Partner, Ryan Thompson, is committed to keeping up with technology trends which help the firm streamline caseloads and ensure everything is tracked correctly. By notifying their clients each time something happens with their case, the partners connect with these clients in a genuine way that builds strong business relationships.

Asset Panda has helped the firm implement a check-in/check-out process which has saved them days of downtime. Attorneys can start working on their caseloads right away instead of waiting for licenses to case management software.





The Challenge

Because of Thompson Law’s success in representing clients, they experienced exponential growth in on boarding new employees to deal with the expanded caseload. But more employees meant more assets, cases, communications, and moving parts to track. Thompson Law is dedicated to getting results for their clients. Ninety percent of their clients receive cash for settlements and verdicts in car wreck, truck wreck, and other injury and accident cases. They stand out from the competition by prioritizing case closure in a rapid manner, elevating customer experience, and throwing all available resources at solving a problem. Their firm is recognized as one of the leading personal injury firms in the country.

Thompson Law isn’t like any other law firm. They understand that implementing the latest advanced technology will help them better represent their clients. Having the latest tech helps them streamline client and company communication. Their highest priority is clear communication. One of the most important systems they have in place automatically sends clients information. The system knows if clients prefer to be notified via email or text. This system allows attorneys to still work on cases and save time that would otherwise be spent updating clients on their case status. However, when it came to asset tracking, this streamlined process was very absent.

Zach Owen, IT Manager, saw the need to update the firm’s asset management system to improve caseload. As their company grew, they needed to expand their assets. But without a tracking plan, it became easy to lose their investments.“It was just crazy because by the time we wanted to go back and take a look at our inventory we couldn’t find it,” said Owen.

Technology is the biggest asset Thompson Law’s attorneys use to help their clients. They require several software licenses, monitors, other hardware, and laptops to take home to work on case loads they don’t finish at the office. But while they had a lot of advanced technology, they didn’t have a way to track who was using what.

The biggest example of this came from their loaner laptop program. Employees would come to the IT department and ask for a loaner laptop. They would go to look and find they didn’t have any. Without a way to track who was using the laptops, they couldn’t guarantee when the employees would be able to use the assets to work on cases out of the office.

Thompson saw they constantly didn’t have the assets their employees needed and started looking for a new solution.

The Solution

Thompson Law searched for a solution to help them apply a check-in/check-out process for their assets, especially their loaner laptops. The firm needed an asset tracking solution which made it easy to tag and track equipment. They also needed it to notify them when things moved in their inventory. This setup would allow them to find their inventory and order assets as needed.

Thompson went online and evaluated program functions and cost. Many of the options he and the legal team looked at were too expensive for Thompson Law to apply to a simple task. Through their online research, they came across Asset Panda. While the firm set out looking for an asset tracking program designed to help them apply a check-in/check-out procedure for their laptops, they found Asset Panda could provide this feature and so much more. Now they use the system to track all their technology, hardware, equipment, and digital assets alike.

Through their research process, Asset Panda seemed like the best match for their needs.

Owen worked with the owner of Asset Panda to implement the platform in their already streamlined work process. The IT department went through the demo and learned about all the ways it could help them further improve their workflow.

Asset Panda came in right when the company was experiencing the most chaotic period of growth. At the beginning of 2019, the law firm hired 35-40 new employees. “We had so much success in so short of a time span and we didn’t have the people so as asset panda came on, it was right on time,” says Thompson. Trying to set all these employees up with new assets would have been impossible without an easy to use asset tracking software program already in place.

The cloud-based platform was also a perfect fit when it came to streamlining the technology tracking process. By managing setup and usage, the firm was able to get people setup faster, which meant they could start working on cases more quickly. This increased the firm’s ability to take on more cases, which overall led to a greater bottom line.

The Results

The largest benefit Thompson Law has experienced so far is the streamlined check in/check-out process Asset Panda creates for their technology assets.

“That was the biggest thing, and we track our wireless, our asset points… anything that’s digital or technical in that office as far as hardware or equipment, it’s being tagged and tracked,” says Thompson. By implementing this asset tracking database right as they on boarded dozens of employees, they saved several hours in getting everyone set up with the necessary technology to do their jobs.

One of the areas where Asset Panda helped them was saving time with giving out license keys in case management software. It helped them set users up faster. Lawyers use case management software to process every part of their client’s case. However, they also need assets to help them access that software and change documents and briefs.

“Before, we had to wait on licenses and we had no idea what stage that was at. One person didn’t know, and I didn’t know, and this person didn’t know, and we just weren’t on the same page. There would be times where people would be sitting at their desk for a day or two waiting for licenses and so they were just sitting there, and we couldn’t transfer their cases into their account because the account wasn’t active, or they waited half the day to get their computer going. Asset Panda has definitely contributed to getting things smoothed out operation-wise.”

Now, attorneys can get their licenses set up for case management software and get back to working on client cases in minutes instead of days. They no longer have to keep injury accident clients waiting to hear back on their cases and can provide a better overall experience.

Additionally, the firm can now have their CFO log in to Asset Panda and evaluate asset cost and spending. The data collected in this asset tracking process made it easy for him to identify asset usage, allocation, and spending, and then create reports to take to the rest of the law partners.

The law firm already has plans to implement more of Asset Panda’s features during company downtime. They want to implement the ticket assistant feature to assist in tracking asset usage and problems with the check-in/checkout process.

“I feel like we just tapped into it where yes, we’ve seen such great success and it’s helped us out tremendously, but I can definitely see more use cases moving forward, especially as we get into learning all the other things we can do like ticket assistant,” explained Thompson.

Without Asset Panda, the IT department would have been incredibly stressed. Each employee who comes in needs to learn the client management software, which is different than what is used in every other attorney’s office. Each employee would have had to wait 2-3 days to get started. Compound that by 35-40 employees, and you get roughly two months of downtime Thompson Law avoided by using Asset Panda.


Altogether, Asset Panda helped Thompson Law save countless hours of time where their employees could have just been sitting around. The streamlined and easily-integrated process has made it easy for the firm to onboard their employees and get them started in their case management software right away.

Thompson wants everyone to see how valuable using Asset Panda has been for their firm: “Everyone we show Asset Panda to is like, ‘Wow, I didn’t know there was something out there that was like that!'”

Thompson Law isn’t the only one who has benefited from using Asset Panda in their company. One company in the wireless communication industry previously used spreadsheets to track the assets needed to provide Wi-Fi and other services to off-shore vessels. After switching to Asset Panda, they started using work orders tickets to collect order components and track the movement of each order. This allows them to track each order from start to finish and make sure everything goes smoothly.

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