How to Choose the Right Scanners For Inventory

By February 20, 2019Asset Tracking, Blog

How to Choose the Right Scanners For InventoryWith the number of scanners for inventory available, how can you decide which one is best for you? Here are the different aspects of inventory scanners you need to be aware of before making a decision.

What Type of Work Conditions Surround Your Environment?

The work conditions surrounding your warehouse and inventory set up have a huge impact on what sorts of inventory scanners you can use. If you need to update your inventory amidst a lot of heavy machinery, you’ll want to find sturdy hardware that can handle being dropped. On the other hand, if you’re only updating what’s in your back office, you don’t have to worry about sturdy hardware. Additionally, if your work environment is subject to extreme temperatures, you’ll want a scanner specifically designed for harsh climates.

How Much Will Your Scanners For Inventory Be Used?

The number of items you scan on a daily basis will take a toll on your scanners for inventory. Some hardware lasts longer than others. Even though you’ll be investing more at the start, over time you will end up spending less money by investing in a scanner that stands up to continuous use.

What Kinds of Items Do You Need to Scan?

The types of items you need to scan will also have an impact on which scanner you should choose. If you deal with smaller items, a hand-held or mobile scanner should work fine.
However, if you have larger or oddly shaped items, you’ll need flexible hardware. Omnidirectional scanners make it easy to catch the tag, no matter where it is located.

Where Will the Scanning Take Place?

The location in which you’ll be using your scanners will also impact your decision. If your team works in an office or small warehouse, relying on the scanner that comes with your mobile device would work well. However, if you need to use scanners in a factory environment, for example, relying on your phone may not be the best idea.

Your company’s inventory setup will also change what kind of scanner will be best for you. Will you need to go to the items, or will they come to you? Large-scale businesses often have several stops in the inventory process. When vendors deliver items, your team may need to scan them in then and there. However, if you need to go into your back room or warehouse, your items have already been stored. It’s easier for you to bring a portable scanner in these situations than to rely on a wired alternative.

Inventory scanners are also often used at point-of-sale locations. Most of the time, this hardware is built into the cashier counter, and can’t travel easily.

How Will You Store Inventory Information?

Storing your inventory information is an important part of the tracking process. Is all of your information stored on one computer, do you rely on a database, or do you keep data in the cloud?
Your scanners need to be able to transmit information into your inventory records. If you store your records in the cloud but don’t have compatible software, then you aren’t capable of managing your process. Make sure that your scanners work well with your current inventory setup. It doesn’t make sense to change your entire system just to use a cheaper alternative.

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