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People are moving to cloud asset tracking software because the model just makes sense.  Think about it.  Most assets are spread out in a building or perhaps multiple locations.  You need a tool that goes where you go and where your assets are located.  Not to mention no longer worrying about installing software and maintaining hardware to support it.  In a cloud based model support is much better and cheaper.  Bug fixes are updated across the platform instantly.  A good cloud software company is proactive with support and will know you have a issue before you know in some instances.  The cost of using a cloud based app is much lower than traditional models.

A Better Way of Working…

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  • Use the devices your employees already have
  • No more expensive scanners, software or spreadsheets
  • Track and Manage your assets at the same time
  • Adapts to the way you work

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Tracking assets in the cloud is by far the most efficient way to track your assets. The asset tracking software are easy to use and very robust. They help companies lower the overall cost of tracking assets and at the same time help companies lower operating costs by reducing losses, insurance cost, and property taxes. On top of that, good cloud based asset tracking tools come with free mobile apps. These mobile apps are configured in the cloud portal. Essentially, you can decide what access and information is available to your users. By including free mobile apps the software truly goes everywhere with the employee and the assets. Best of all you no longer have to purchase hardware scanners to scan barcodes. The mobile devices have the capability via scan using third party tools such as Red Laser to scan barcodes and QR codes.

Your data is backed up with cloud asset tracking solutions and highly secure. The headache of training is now gone as well. The cloud tools will have videos and user guides available along with tips and tricks. The cloud asset tracking tools will offer professional services as well for data migration and system configuration. The support model during configuration is great because your service provider has all of your system information at their fingertips. It helps them help you quicker. These systems make easy asset tracking a reality. Cloud asset tracking is the future and the future is now.