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Construction Equipment Tracking Software


Construction equipment tracking requires a robust and easy to use asset tracking and management system. Making the transition to a cloud based software that is coupled with Mobile Apps from Asset Panda saves you time and money. Asset Panda can be implemented and deployed accross your organization very quickly. Our system is a cost-effective way to track and manage construction equipment.

  • Locate all your assets
  • Eliminate expensive manual processes
  • See who has your assets
  • Eliminate expensive scanners
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Construction companies have a wide range of equipment under their responsibility. Tracking equipment can be a challenge considering no construction sites are the same. Construction grade equipment requires a powerful asset tracking and management solution that is easy to use in the field. Now you can stop relying on outdated technology and manual systems to track your assets.  Our system is quick to implement and simple to use.  Asset Panda can be up and running in no time. Making the transition to a cloud-based software that is coupled with Mobile Apps system from Asset Panda saves time and money.

With Asset Panda for construction equipment tracking you will…

  • Know what equipment you own
  • Know where your equipment is
  • Know who has your equipment
  • Know what condition your equipment is in
  • Store all information related to your equipment in one location
  • Save Time and Money

Things to consider when selecting an equipment tracking tool.

  • Asset Panda leverages a flexible FREE Mobile app that is coupled with a cloud-based software.
  • Asset Panda does not require any third party scanners. Your employees  download our FREE app on their phone and they are ready to get started.
  • Asset Panda’s pricing is based on the number of assets tracked. It is that simple and scaling up is easy.
  • Asset Panda is easy to use. A construction worker with a smart phone has all that they need to get started.

Key Attributes of 21st century Construction Equipment Tracking Software:

  • The app is FREE to download from the App Store or GooglePlay.
  • The mobile apps and the desktop app automatically sync
  • Basic user training videos are available online
  • No additional hardware is required
  • Open API
  • Do it yourself configuration and data upload is available or request professional services and we will do it for you
  • System provides electronic signature capabilities

Asset Panda is ideal for construction equipment tracking and management. The system goes where you go to track the assets that are vital to the operation of the company. Our system is simple to use, affordable, and eliminates the headache of tracking 3rd party hardware scanners. Construction companies units all over the world are moving toward mobile app coupled with cloud-based software solutions for their asset tracking needs.

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