Canadian Construction Firm Interactive Construction Inc. Sees The Daily Value of Asset Panda When It Comes to Asset Tracking

Residential and commercial firm Interactive Construction Inc. is seeing a big difference in how it tracks assets with Asset Panda firmly in place.

Asset Panda Solutions:
• Check in/check out status
• Role-based settings
• Barcode generator
• Unlimited actions
• Customization of mobile app from the web
• Inventory management
• Cost-effective
• Customized reporting

Customer since:  July 2016 

Interactive Construction Inc. is a team of experienced, innovative builders, based in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, who believe the best way to deliver quality homes and renovations is through solid project management, dependable communications, and respect for our customers, their neighbourhoods, and the environment.

Our in-house team of knowledgeable tradespeople, designers, drafters and long-time partners is personally investing in the quality of our projects. To keep up with our continually growing list of projects, it’s imperative that we also have a strong knowledge of our company’s assets – from the home office to out on the job site.

I am using the desktop version of Asset Panda and it’s given me an excellent working awareness of what assets we have, where they are, and how they are utilized. I can pull customized reports that will come in handy during audit times or when we are planning budgets for future equipment purchases and what’s used, or in some cases not used anymore, for client projects.

Our crews out in the field definitely see the benefit and value of Asset Panda for their everyday activities – especially in regards to the mobile app. The reality is that it would be tough to tack assets between job sites without a mobile app. The mobile capabilities allow the actual crews to track assets for themselves and in turn, takes some of the burdens off of management as to the status or whereabouts of equipment. We have fewer instances of everyone stopping what they are doing to look for a specific tool or having to contact each crew member/project manager individually by phone. This cuts out a lot of wasted time and frustration.

Crews are becoming more responsible for what they use and ensuring they are bringing it back and noting each asset’s condition. All of the activity for each asset is recorded in Asset Panda, and that data can be accessed by any allocated user anytime, from anywhere. With Asset Panda, we now know what assets we have in actuality and are not making unnecessary and costly duplicate purchases.  

From the home office, to out in the field, Asset Panda has definitely changed the way we work when it comes to asset tracking, and it’s made our hard-working crews lives easier as well!

– Joslyn McDonald, Bookkeeper


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