Construction Restoration Company, Hard Surface Finishers, Saves 3 Hours Daily with Asset Panda’s Simple Features Offering

Restoration construction company Hard Surface Finishers, Inc., focuses on highly innovative repair techniques, controlled installation practices, and the use of superior materials and finish. For the last 20 years, the company has served a client base including Chicago and the suburbs’ largest and most prominent commercial companies.

Asset Panda Solutions:
• Improved inventory management
• Mobile audit
• G Suite integration
• Time savings
• Intuitive user interface

Customer since: February 2018

Hard Surface Finishers, Inc. (HSF) is a restoration construction company based in Wood Dale, Illinois. The company protects, beautifies and restores stone and other hard surfaces and manages a variety of construction and hard surface finishing work in and around the Chicago metropolitan area. HSF employs a staff of 50.

At HSF, our fixed assets are perishable construction goods that are located in two warehouses. We used to use pen and paper to track our assets. With that manual system, we couldn’t do quick and accurate counts on our inventory or our job costing.

Now we’re using both the web and mobile apps for Asset Panda. The notifications are great. I don’t usually use the mobile app to enter data because I’m generally at my desk. Asset Panda has made my costing way more efficient. It has also made maintaining my inventory easy. I estimate we save three hours a day by using Asset Panda for our asset tracking efforts.

The features of the app that have been most helpful for us are the ability to conduct a mobile audit and calculate depreciation. We also use Asset Panda’s G Suite integration, which allows us to use the Google Directory to retrieve and manage users, create employee records and leverage Single Sign On (SSO).

Asset Panda has made our asset tracking efforts easier by making it very easy for me to do job costing based on the materials used for assignments. It also makes it very easy for me to know when I have to reorder materials that we usually stock. The app’s interface and features offering also have been straightforward to understand. Customer service has been a lot of help every time I had to ask them for something.

On a scale of 1 to 10, the likelihood of my recommending Asset Panda to a friend or colleague is a 10.

– Ron Lundgren, Administrator


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