Downward Facing Goat

By June 5, 2018About Us

Last Saturday, AP team member, Kristen had the unique experience of doing yoga with baby goats running around! For those who don’t know, goat yoga is yoga held outdoors with, you guessed it, baby goats and is supposed to help create a relaxing and therapeutic experience. At Nash Farms, Grapevine TX Kristen OM’d her way through sun salutations with goats climbing all over all the yoga practitioners.

“This was my second time trying goat yoga and I love it,” Kristen says, “There’s something about doing yoga outside at a farm with baby goats running around that makes for a very zen experience.”

According to Kristen, the yoga instructor pushed the group into some challenging yoga positions, but having goats adorably run underneath them as they were in downward facing dog makes it all worth it. She admits she did spend a bit of time shamelessly taking selfies with the goats, but that’s what we’re there for, right? 🙂

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