For Fixed Asset Tracking, Asset Panda is the Only Choice

By September 28, 2018Asset Tracking, Blog

For Fixed Asset Tracking, Asset Panda is the Only ChoiceWhen it comes to fixed asset tracking, no one does it better than Asset Panda! Where else can you find a software platform that can measurably do so much more for your business than just help you track your vital assets? Asset Panda has demonstrated time and time again how it gives employees back invaluable time, saves money for organizations of every size, increases accountability throughout the company and protects bottom-line revenues.

Asset Panda is undoubtedly one of the leaders when it comes to asset tracking. Our simple to use platform puts the entire lifecycle of every one of your fixed assets into the palm of your hand. Using the mobile devices you already carry, you can create a custom workflow for each asset, detailing everything from its initial lease or purchase to its periodic maintenance and, ultimately, retirement.


“Asset Panda has demonstrated time and time again how it gives employees back invaluable time, saves money for organizations of every size, increases accountability throughout the company and protects bottom-line revenues.”


Based on free mobile apps that sync with the cloud, you have access 24 hours a day, seven days a week for real-time information, enabling all allocated users to make more informed decisions. The app includes a built-in mobile barcode scanner for easy asset entry. Other features include the ability to add documents, voice notes, videos or photos, lease/purchase contracts, user manuals and so much more. Users can view check-in/check-out status, view the exact location of an asset through the app’s GPS feature, schedule service, manage asset depreciation, and even reduce your support call volume when you use Asset Panda as your enterprise service desk.

The best thing about Asset Panda is that it adapts to how you work; it’s completely customizable, from its dashboard to its display. Years of research, development and client feedback went into Asset Panda’s world-class platform. Every account is a premium account – you have full access to the entire suite of features and select those that are relevant to your business. And because you’re entitled to an unlimited number of users, you can close the communication loop among all of your stakeholders – and increase accountability, accuracy, and efficiency, saving both time and money.

And the industry has also taken notice …

  • IT Pro, a UK-based online resource for business IT decision-making needs, published in late October 2017 its review of best inventory management software for small, medium and large enterprises. IT Pro mentions Asset Panda’s ability to work “across a wide range of sectors, including IT, education, maintenance, hotels and facilities management to track hardware and software inventory across the entire organization.”  IT Pro also states, one of Asset Panda’s greatest selling points is its ability to service companies of nearly every size and industry.
  • Camcode®, a recognized worldwide leader in customized services for asset tracking applications just named Asset Panda to its list of the 56 Best Asset Tracking Software Systems
  • Asset Panda is one of five companies recommended by warehouse and supply chain tech news site The site named Asset Panda a good choice for small-but-growing companies, calling it straightforward and easy to use. Among the strongest selling points: Asset Panda is scalable and flexible, offering clients an unlimited number of users at no additional charge. So, as your team expands, your per-user price point does not.
  • In its “excellent” review of Asset Panda, PC Magazine says that “Asset Panda is easily customizable, fully featured asset management software that is affordable for tight budgets. The company provides friendly help tutorials in video format. This tool is more complex than some of the other more specialized options because so much is included for one price. Nearly everything, including custom required fields and unlimited custom actions, can be configured easily from the Web dashboard. Of all the cloud-hosted options, Asset Panda is the lowest-priced while also offering support and training.”

Now is the perfect time to look into Asset Panda for fixed asset tracking and see what all the hype is about and why we continue to get rave reviews from the industry. Click here for a free tour of Asset Panda where you’ll receive:

  • A customized live demo to show how we can help you work smarter
  • Full access to user guides and video tutorials
  • Access to our iPhone, iPad and Android mobile apps
  • Call-in and live chat support from our U.S. based team
  • Communication from an Asset Panda team member to begin your demo


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