For UK Civil Engineering Firm, Griffiths Locating Equipment is Easy with Asset Panda

 Griffiths is a UK-based civil engineering and construction firm.

Asset Panda Solutions:
• Data import
• Check-in/check-out status
• Asset tracking over multiple locations
• Mobile audit
• Customized reporting

Customer since: June 2018

A leading civil engineering firm and construction contractor with a 50-year history, Griffiths operates in eight sectors: highways and bridges, rail, utilities and energy, surfacing, integrated transport, urban regeneration, highway maintenance, and water management. We work in Wales, the English border counties, and West of England. Griffiths has been named in the UK top 20 of civil engineering contractors.

Our company has six main locations but hundreds of smaller sites that move about and change on a weekly basis. We are a small IT department in a growing civil engineering firm. The IT department has only existed for a few years and was rushed in, so there was no solid asset management, just the usual random Excel documents and folders. As a relatively new IT team, we inherited several poorly maintained spreadsheets from our predecessors. We would basically just add new devices to the spreadsheets, and we used paper receipts to sign out equipment.

With Asset Panda, we’ve managed to collate all of this information and eliminated the use for printed equipment receipts, greatly speeding up the registration and checking out of our equipment. We use both the mobile and desktop apps.

Asset Panda is cost-effective and has greatly improved our ability to check-in new equipment and check-out. We no longer have the need for printed receipts, so we are saving a lot of space and being a bit more eco-friendly. We can locate equipment much faster and generally save a lot of time for more pressing IT work.

The implementation phase was incredibly easy. Customer service has been excellent. Our representative, Jessica, who helped us implement the system, was brilliant. She was very informative, always quick to respond and always had an answer or solution for any question we had.

We routinely use several Asset Panda solutions and features including check-in/check-out status, data import, mapping, work orders/maintenance, electronic signature, mobile audit, customized reporting, asset tracking over multiple locations, unlimited custom fields, unlimited action, customization of the mobile app from the web, and inventory management. Using the system has also been very easy, with only some minor issues with the mobile app occasionally restarting, though we’ve never lost any data as a result of this.

Most useful for us has been the ability to quickly search for equipment. Before, all of our assets were listed in separate spreadsheets. After collating this information and having Asset Panda upload it all, we are now able to locate equipment much faster. And registering new equipment is much faster thanks to the ability to scan barcodes with the mobile app.

– David Beech, IT Support Officer


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