What to Expect When Using Free Fixed Asset Management Software

By October 5, 2018Asset Tracking, Blog

Small to mid-sized businesses have to worry about saving money whenever possible. It’s tempting to turn to a free fixed asset management software in order to keep expenses down. However, there are many other costs, both financial and otherwise, which come from using a free solution. These costs could end up being more than the amount you would save by not paying for an asset software program.

When looking at the most cost-effective solution, your company needs to have all of the facts. Here is what you are signing up for when using a free software program:

Free Software Solutions Have Limited Features

Free or demo versions of software programs are not known for having or enabling very many features. What you see is often what you get. If the solution you go with is lacking any features you need, you could be out of luck. This can lead to a lot of frustration in trying to make a sub-par program track assets your company relies on to make a profit.


“Inaccurate records mean that your company can’t make informed decisions when it comes to purchasing new assets.”


Free Fixed Asset Management Software Solutions Work in Limited Locations

Most free software solutions don’t work in the cloud. This means that all of your asset records will only be accessible on one device. If your employees need information about specific assets, they will have to spend time traveling to that location, and possibly waiting for anyone else to access those records. Having a free fixed asset management software which is only accessible from one location can lead to a bottleneck in workflow, and cost your company a lot of valuable work time.

Free Software Programs Are Error-Prone

Because only one person can access your asset records at a time, there are fewer eyes to go over your information. This means that mistakes are more likely to slip through the cracks and mess up other areas of your business. Inaccurate records mean that your company can’t make informed decisions when it comes to purchasing new assets. You’re also more likely to lose track of your assets and spend more money purchasing assets you could have easily tracked through a more reputable program.

Asset Panda understands the need for a cost-effective asset tracking solution. However, going with a free solution can end up costing your company more than you would save. We’ve provided an affordable platform designed to benefit small to mid-sized businesses. Our flexible platform was designed to change to meet your needs. If you have unique assets or specific information you need to attach to your asset records, you can create customized fields to store that data.

Fit Small Business is a website which gives more than 1 million small business owners the information they need to make the best decisions for their business practices. They’ve highlighted Asset Panda as one of the best asset management software programs of 2017. Business owners who are conscious of operating costs will find that our platform is the most economical, and is straightforward in the types of features available to assist in asset tracking. Fit Small Business also finds our platform to be easier to set up than other similar alternatives. You won’t be spending an unnecessary amount of time learning how to track your assets.

Want to see what sorts of features you will get when using Asset Panda? Take a free guided tour today!


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