Allow the Help Desk Ticketing System to Help You

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Allow the Help Desk Ticketing System to Help YouIf you’ve ever needed IT help of some kind, you know your company’s help desk can be the absolute saving grace. There’s nothing like the feeling of dread when your computer goes down, or a tablet won’t update – and of course, it happens at the worst possible time. That’s typically when you run to the help desk and have to enter your information into a help desk ticketing system and try to wait (patiently) for your turn to have your issue resolved.

The days of standing over the IT help desk team and pacing waiting for your issue to go through the help desk ticketing system have greatly diminished. Today, the help desk has a variety of tools to help speed up the help desk ticketing system and provide better service to employees in a more timely and organized manner.

Thanks to the addition of asset management tools into the help desk’s arsenal of software, employees now have a focused and comprehensive approach to problem-solving that can be tracked and monitored in real-time. Employees are no longer guessing when they will receive help and the help desk team has access to more information about any particular asset in order to solve the issue quickly.


“The help desk/IT team needs to ensure technology equipment is working properly and is using the most up-to-date software.”


One of the most important tasks of asset tracking and management software is to allow users to register and maintain up-to-date records on all hardware and software and any problems he/she encounters while using them. Users can immediately identify assets under warranty, maintenance support details and the performance history of each asset – all of that data can be recorded for each individual asset and then reviewed by the help desk/IT team when it is submitted for an issue.

The help desk/IT team needs to ensure technology equipment is working properly and is using the most up-to-date software. That is often one of the most common causes of issues. Once identified, the problem can be fixed and the asset returned back into immediate use.

Asset Panda’s help desk ticketing system

The help desk ticketing system from Asset Panda helps people provide better customer service to the people they support. Our help desk ticketing system is easy to implement with a company’s help desk team and has been proven to dramatically improve the management and integrity of ticket related information, including providing simple innovative ways for customers to receive support. Users will often include a simple QR code on their equipment. Instead of calling technical support the client simply scans the QR code on our mobile app. Then they enter basic information regarding their problem. The help desk now has the information they need to troubleshoot the issue.

With Asset Panda’s custom database, available on both mobile and web platforms, you can build a comprehensive ticketing software process related to your assets and instantly share the data with anyone responsible for the equipment. Add specific details in your custom entries, like repair and replacement costs, current condition and administrative information, which promotes better decision-making and can help deter wasteful spending. Set triggers and custom actions against your ticketing information letting the right people know at the right time when support asset information is needed.

Benefits of implementing Asset Panda’s help desk ticketing system

  • Better Organization. Never again will your users be looking for support information. All they do is scan the barcode or QR code and enter their ticket issue. This cuts down on wasted time and energy searching for expensive equipment and data to get support. With the reporting feature, you can print out hard copies of the database, or specific entries, to help answer any outside questions or concerns.
  • Ticketing Data. Your data will be in one centralized location assigned to the assets affected.  Everyone responsible for the asset will have the detailed information they need to quickly determine how to remediate issues and take full advantage of your cloud-based ticket system.
  • Increased Efficiency. As the database grows, employees will have a better understanding of your assets and the cloud-based ticket system. This enhanced knowledge can help eliminate simple inquiries and requests, replacing these actions with faster responses and better decision-making.
  • Generate Detailed Ticketing Reports. Now you have the ability to run reports against your ticketing data to give you a full view of the assets and the tickets assigned to them giving you a better idea of the total cost of ownership.

Companies want to be sure they are not only purchasing the right software but that they have the level of support needed. Asset Panda’s help desk technology improves end-user satisfaction and resolution rates while reducing costs by allowing help desk technicians to track their work more efficiently as well as reduce costs and wasteful spending on IT assets thought to be lost or in some cases, companies didn’t even realize they owned.

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