Hotels Depend on Equipment Tracking Services

By August 12, 2019Asset Tracking

Equipment tracking services are invaluable to any large organization. Hotels in particular may provide the best example of that claim. The very lifeblood of the hospitality industry is equipment – from the washing machines that launder linens and the ovens in the restaurant, to the IT equipment that powers the reservation system to the air conditioning, heating and plumbing that keeps guests’ stay as pleasant as possible. If these items, or any others, were to break down the customers’ experience will suffer as a result.

Hospitality Industry

In today’s extremely competitive environment, hotels can’t afford to be cavalier about their equipment management practices. All it takes is one angry consumer and a Yelp account to completely ruin a hotel’s reputation. To prevent this from happening, the smartest thing for them to do is invest in an equipment tracking service.

The term equipment tracking services refers to the software that tracks and manages the entire lifecycle of a hotel’s vital equipment and fixed assets. That lifecycle management is significant and also carries additional benefits.


Equipment tracking services centralize a hotel’s equipment and fixed asset data in one easy-to-access location. It can’t be overstated how much centralization benefits employees, mainly from the savings of time and elimination of frustration. As large organizations, hotels simply can’t afford to take a chaotic approach to their equipment management practices. Anything less is a drain on productivity, employee morale and, most importantly, the customer’s experience.

Depreciation tracking

Hotels are required to report the depreciation of their fixed assets for accounting and compliance purposes. Guesswork can result in mistakes and costly fines. Luckily, equipment tracking services can perform this function quickly, easily and accurately.

Theft and loss reduction

Unfortunately, hotels experience loss due to theft by their customers as well as their employees. However, hotels can take preventive measures against that theft. Thankfully, equipment tracking services enable management to track the exact location of any item – in some cases, down to its exact GPS coordinates. Additional features like check-in/check-out status and electronic signature provide additional layers of accountability and help curb theft and loss.


Hotels should always know what assets and equipment they have, their condition and who has those items in their possession. Equipment tracking services provide hotels with the ability to conduct fixed asset audits, quickly and easily. Hotels are then able to identify ghost assets. They determine where assets are needed and what kind of usage they’re experiencing.


Equipment requires routine maintenance and updates. Without a reliable means to track maintenance schedules for equipment, hotels are almost guaranteed to have equipment that get slow or breaks down. Not only do slow-downs impact productivity and customer satisfaction, they may also expose hotels to a security risk in the case of IT equipment. With equipment tracking services, hotels are able to set up customized alerts so they never miss critical maintenance and updates. Equipment that is properly maintained also has a longer, more useful life and hotels save money in the long run by maximizing equipment lifespan.

Asset Panda

Equipment tracking is a big job – too big for employees to tackle manually. With Asset Panda, hotels can track the entire lifecycle of their equipment through a free app on their smartphones or tablets. Completely customizable and intuitive, Asset Panda lets you track your assets any way you want. To learn more or to start your free 14-day trial, visit


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