Improving Land Surveying

By August 23, 2013Asset Tracking, Blog

The tools for surveying land have come a long way. Initially, tape measures and theodolites were the staple for a crew that wanted to map out the lay of the land. However, today you can incorporate electronic distant measurement (EDM) devices and satellite positioning systems, among other high tech tools, to get the job done right. With the cost of these tools, implementing an asset control plan is essential. Otherwise, your expensive equipment could be roaming around from site to site, completely unaccounted for and potentially at risk.

Protecting the Daily Necessities

As with any specialized set of tools, theft and neglect are always a concern. Using Asset Panda provides a clear path of accountability to help you manage this equipment. Notes can be made on mobile entries, letting you know the condition of each individual item before and after the workday. Additionally, you’ll never be in the dark as to whom each set of instruments has been assigned. With this type of physical asset management, your tools are always protected, regardless of what work lies ahead.

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