Asset Panda Integrations

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Google Device Manager

Google Device Manager is for users running Google Chrome devices. It is intended to allow administrators manage their organization’s Chrome devices from a single place. By adding this feature to Asset Panda, users have the functionality to populate their Asset Panda account with chrome and mobile devices. Users also have the ability to activate, disable or deprovision those devices through actions in the Asset Panda application. Additionally, users can deploy/assign assets to employees, students, staff, etc. who are in the Asset Panda system. When paired together, Google Chrome and Asset Panda make it easy to manage logistics and load data simultaneously in both systems. Read more here.

Microsoft Active Directory

Active directory is a centralized database storing users as well as attributes and permissions supporting enterprise Windows systems. Aside from this, centralized user data storage and automated management of logins and credentials are provided. The purpose of Active Directory is to implement employee management into one seamless program that can be integrated into Asset Panda.  Read more here.


By integrating Freshservice with Asset Panda, any device detected on the customer’s network and its affiliated data such as IP address, serial number, maintenance records, etc. can be detected by Freshservice and pushed in real time into Asset Panda. This ensures that every incident and service entered through Freshservice gets ticketed, categorized, marked, tracked and resolved with the service desk solution. Read more here.


Asset Panda offers seamless integration with ConnectWise’s technology support, sales, and service system. This frequently requested integration enables our customers to retrieve groups from both ConnectWise and Asset Panda to create connections between them. Plus, any new records created in either product will be synced to the other to ensure that data remains consistent between systems.

Zen Desk

Asset Panda’s ZenDesk module provides your support staff with the means to display lists of related assets alongside help tickets, giving them fast and seamless access to vital information. It also has custom filtering to provide asset lists based on requester, individual tag IDs, problem types, and any kind of custom field you want.


The Okta Application Network is a catalog of thousands of pre-integrated applications that make it easy to manage authentication and provisioning for all of your users. Asset Panda users can deploy Okta products in a multitude of ways to solve their toughest security and access challenges.

G Suite

G Suite is a package of cloud-based services that can provide your organization with a whole new way to work. With the Asset Panda integration, customers are able to use the Google Directory to retrieve and manage users, create employee records and leverage SSO.


Avery Labels

Asset Panda offers the flexibility to print your own labels on demand. Using our predefined templates for widely available Avery 5160, 5167, L7651, and 6576 label sheets, you can quickly and inexpensively label all of your vital assets.



Asset Panda’s barcode generation system allows you to create your own custom barcode labels. The system is fully compatible with Zebra barcode printers, which makes it easy to generate, print, and affix barcodes to all your assets.



With OneLogin’s solution for secure access across all users and apps, you’ll only need a single login to access multiple business applications. Asset Panda’s integration enables SSO access for OneLogin clients to enhance security and avoid the need to generate additional login credentials for all of your users.



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ap-jsJAMF Casper Suite

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