The State of Tennessee recently amended its internal controls policy for all state government and institutions of higher education requiring them to establish and maintain internal controls in accordance to strict procedures. The good news is Asset Panda can help you achieve it all with ease. Our highly adaptable platform can help you implement a new PC112 policy and roll it out quickly with no training required.

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 TCA 9-18-102: Internal controls — Management assessment of risk. [Effective on June 30, 2016. See the version effective until June 30, 2016.]

(a) Each agency of state government and institution of higher education along with each county, municipal, and metropolitan government shall establish and maintain internal controls, which shall provide reasonable assurance that:

(1) Obligations and costs are in compliance with applicable law;

(2) Funds, property, and other assets are safeguarded against waste, loss, unauthorized use, or misappropriation; and

(3) Revenues and expenditures are properly recorded and accounted for to permit the preparation of accurate and reliable financial and statistical reports and to maintain accountability over the assets.

(b) To document compliance with the requirements set forth in subsection (a), each agency of state government and institution of higher education shall annually perform a management assessment of risk. The internal controls discussed in subsection (a) should be incorporated into this assessment. The objectives of the annual risk assessment are to provide reasonable assurance of the following:

(1) Accountability for meeting program objectives;

(2) Promoting operational efficiency and effectiveness;

(3) Improving reliability of financial statements;

(4) Strengthening compliance with laws, regulations, rules, and contracts and grant agreements; and