How Inventory Asset Software Reduces Errors in Your Construction Firm

By December 7, 2018Asset Tracking, Blog

How Inventory Asset Software Reduces Errors in Your Construction FirmAs a construction firm that is constantly moving between different job sites, tracking inventory and assets can be difficult. However, with an inventory asset software program, you can ensure that multiple work locations won’t pose a problem with the way you do business.

Construction inventory differs from what you might find at a retail outlet. Instead of having items that customers will eventually buy, you need to track things your employees need to fill work orders. Along with fixed assets like tools and machinery, each team needs specific items you must stock on a regular basis. Depending on the team, this can include commonplace items like nails or more specific items like cement mixture.

Here are the steps you’ll need to take to reduce errors in your construction firm’s inventory tracking process.

Outline the Inventory Process

Before you even look at what’s in your inventory, you’ll want to create a thorough process. Having a detailed process written down will ensure that anyone who interacts with inventory later knows what to do. Outlined processes help your employees know what you expect from them, and how they can interact with each item.

Take some time to think of every aspect of your company that interacts with your inventory. Sure, you’ll want to account for the obvious, like employees using items. But you’ll also want to know what to do when you need to purchase items, and how to phase out old materials.

Take Stock of Everything Your Employees Use

Once you have a draft of the inventory process down, you can then take some time to take a record of everything your company uses.

Don’t just start with one team. Once you’ve finished with one crew, go on to the next one. Account for the types of items used on one job compared to a different one. And then when you think you’re finished, check with each of your teammates. Chances are high that they will think of some areas you missed.

Create Relevant Records in Your Inventory Asset Software

Often this can overlap with taking stock of what you have. But if it’s too overwhelming to do these steps at the same time, you can create these records after you have a comprehensive list of what’s on hand.

Be as thorough as possible in your records. Write down as much information as you can think of for each item. While this can seem overwhelming at first, the time you put into doing this will save you countless hours in the years to come.

Storing these records in your inventory software program will streamline your record keeping process. A cloud-based inventory program is a great way to reduce errors in your firm.

Identify Any Problem Areas

You’ve taken some great steps to create an inventory tracking system framework. Before you can call it finished, you’ll want to check for any problem areas. Are there any items you don’t have that your company needs? Are your employees able to access the records?

Immediately tackling whatever issues you encounter will prevent anything from building up and causing problems for you later. You’ll also have a greater insight as to the problems your company could experience in the future and can create an action plan to stop it from getting out of hand.

One inventory asset software program that can benefit your construction firm is Asset Panda. Inc 5000 named Asset Panda in their top 10 fastest growing software companies in America. Want to see for yourself why we ranked so high? Check us out for free today.

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