Inventory Asset Tracking Saved Cellular One 40 Hours a Month


Trying to keep track of all of your inventory items can be a hassle. If you have more than one warehouse, you have to coordinate between people at each location to make sure your records are current. Having more than one person use a spreadsheet can be a nightmare, especially if some of those people have never used a spreadsheet before. This was Cellular One’s experience without a proper inventory asset tracking system.

Cellular One turned to Asset Panda for help in managing their marketing inventory and assets. Cellular One is a wireless communications company, providing cloud-based services and cell phone products to thousands of customers in Arizona and New Mexico. Nearly two years ago, Brittney Touchin was hired as the Marketing Events Coordinator to run marketing events in both states, and she soon realized she needed help.

Cellular One Recovered Hours Upon Hours with Inventory Asset Tracking

When Touchin first started, she used an outdated and inaccurate spreadsheet that only had records from one warehouse out of four. In order to keep up with this system, Touchin had to constantly drive out to warehouses and manually count the items she needed numbers for by hand. She couldn’t be at all four warehouses at once, so the records never truly reflected the situation of each location.

Using Asset Panda helped Cellular One get a better handle on their inventory asset tracking process. The software helped Touchin save 10 hours a week, or 40 hours a month, traveling to warehouses to get inventory updated. When there, she’d have to spend a lot of time digging through boxes to make sure she had what she needed to host marketing events. And if she didn’t go, she’d have to send someone else to go through that tedious process, wasting valuable company resources all the while.

Additionally, as Touchin became more familiar with all of the software capabilities, she found that Asset Panda could track many of the processes she used to do by hand. One of the customizations included adding reservations so that she and her coworkers wouldn’t book assets at the same time. Another included company communications on assets in different states, making it easy to see where necessary assets were located at different times.

Asset Panda Improved Cellular One’s Marketing Budget and Finances

Because Touchin and other marketing staff didn’t know exactly what was on hand, they wouldn’t know if they had the items necessary to carry out their next marketing events. Their records might reflect what was in stock, but because they had to rely on a spreadsheet for multiple locations, more often than not Touchin and her staff had no idea if they had what they needed. Often times, they’d go over budget, because they wouldn’t be able to find the items they needed. Now, Touchin reports that she is under budget for 90-95% of the marketing events she runs.

Along with staying under budget, Asset Panda helps Cellular One get a clearer picture of their finances. Inventory records helped them see the value of each of their assets, as well as avoid losing necessary items. These records also helped Touchin identify how much the company spent on marketing events. Comparing those records to how much each event made, Touchin could see which events were worth the return on investment, and which ones weren’t making a profit.

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If your company is in a similar place to where Celluar One used to be, don’t wait! Asset Panda can help you start to tackle some of your biggest inventory asset tracking problems and reduce your team’s workload.

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