Why You Should Use an Inventory Software Scanner Instead of Bulky Barcode Scanners

By October 6, 2017Asset Tracking, Blog

Why You Should Use an Inventory Software Scanner Instead of Bulky Barcode Scanners

Doing inventory can be a pain, especially when you have to use those bulky handheld barcode scanners. Using an inventory software scanner can save your company a lot of grief and money on the inventory process.

There are so many disadvantages to using handheld barcode scanners, so why are you still using them? Here are just a few.

Why Handheld Scanners Are a Problem

Handheld Scanners are Expensive

On the low end, handheld inventory scanners will cost you $100. They can easily get in the several hundred dollars range if you need heavy-duty hardware that can stand up to extreme wear and tear. If you have 10 employees that need to use inventory scanners on a regular basis, you’re looking at several thousand dollars going down the drain.

They Only Serve One Purpose

The only thing these scanners are good for is scanning bar codes. Some newer model types have different features that can make scanning and storing information easy, but it’s still essentially a one-use product. That’s a lot of money for something you’ll only be able to use in one area of your business.

Your Employees Might Lose Them

Since barcode scanners are only used while doing inventory, they might not be in the most convenient place. Newer models are sleeker and smaller than some of the bulky products you’ve used before, making them even easier to lose. If you and your team don’t pay attention, you could easily lose track of them. Then your company would have to eat the cost of each scanner!

How an Inventory Software Scanner Is a Better Solution

Before you start worrying about dealing with these problems, there is a solution that will help you avoid all of this and more. Using an inventory software scanner that works with your employees’ mobile phones can benefit you in several ways.

Your employees have their smart phones on them at all times. While they might sometimes use their phones for personal purposes, those gadgets can be useful in several areas of your business as well. Most phones will fit in a back pocket, and if your employees are like most people, they always know where their phones are. An inventory software scanner can take advantage of the technology your employees already have with them.

Since your scanning software will use a device your employees already have, you won’t have to spend several hundred dollars on each hand held scanner. Even if your company ends up purchasing phones for your employees, those phones can be used for a variety of purposes. You’ll be paying around the same amount of money for something that will bring you and your company more return.

Asset Panda created a program with a built-in inventory software scanner. Our mobile app makes it easy for your employees to use their phones to keep your inventory records accurate and updated. When you buy our software, you’ll also be buying a guarantee that your inventory data will be available at any time, from any location. You won’t have to worry about calling someone at the office to give you inventory data if you find that you can’t get in to check for yourself. Our software engineers have created a secure cloud-based system, so you can easily access your data while protecting the privacy of your clients.

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