Keeping a Campaign on Budget

By August 20, 2013Asset Tracking, Blog

At first glance, you may not think Asset Panda has much to offer your political campaign. However, organizing your bid for a government position is much like the work that goes into any traditional business. Asset management is crucial, and if handled wrongly it could lead to a multitude of issues. These problems could financially ruin your campaign; thus derailing your aspirations of working as a civil leader.

Wasting Vital Funds

Setting up phone banks and donor outreach tables at public events, as well as printers and computers to create fliers, all cost significant amounts of money. These fixed assets can be easily lost or damaged in a sloppy budget control system. To keep track of all these items, create a directory with the Asset Panda tool. From here, your campaign can keep track of each asset, via a customizable entry, and have a directory that can be referenced by the program managers. Taking your mind off of unnecessary spending and asset misuse will let you focus on doing your best to win your political race.

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