Keeping Tabs on Company Owned Equipment

By July 24, 2013Asset Tracking, Blog

Like it or not, the temptation to misuse equipment is ever present at most companies. Unfortunately, this can cost your business big bucks. However, the issue can be mitigated by setting up an inventory tracking system to keep your employees in line.

Comparing Information

With a comprehensive database, repairs and replacements can be accurately confirmed. Asset Panda lets you compile your directory to include descriptions, notes, and even serial numbers. This gives you the ability to verify who has what asset and when they received the item. When managing a horde of computers, smartphones, and even cars, you need all the help you can get. Using an inventory tracking system can keep you from getting swamped when claims and requests start rolling in.

Deterring Bad Behavior

The specter of accountability is a strong motivating factor, regardless of the industry. If your employees know you’re keeping a record of repairs and replacements, then they’re less likely to abuse the equipment and tools they use on the job. The money you pay to keep track of these items can easily pay for itself by deterring unnecessary expenses.

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