Keeping Track of Your Assets From Your Desktop

By July 25, 2013Asset Tracking, Blog

Everyone’s been there. A crucial call or vital email comes through, but the phone or computer you’re using breaks down. That situation is made worse if you have to wait for a replacement to be shipped out before you can get back to work. However, you might not have to wait so long if you’re using inventory tools to keep track of your equipment.

Online Access

Asset inventory protection comes down to being proactive rather than reactive. Tracking down a model number or description for a repair or replacement often times can’t wait. But with Asset Panda, you can quickly access that information and easily monitor your supplies. And, you can do all this from your computer; all you need is your log-in information and an Internet connection. This can be a lifesaver when you absolutely have to know important information right away. Simply jump on your favorite browser and check in with your product directory.

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