How Asset Panda Helped Logicforce Save Over 3 Hours a Week

If you’ve been reading our blog, you’ve seen all of the ways in which asset management software can help you, and all of the issues it can help you solve. You might be wondering how Asset Panda helps businesses in the real world, and what advantages they’ve found from using our platform.

One of our clients, Logicforce, has seen some concrete advantages since using our platform. Logicforce provides IT services to law firms and other legal businesses. The company needs to be able to keep track of its assets and finances so it can be sure to offer the best IT support to its clients, several of which deal with incredibly sensitive information.

Before using Asset Panda, Logicforce was using an Excel spreadsheet and internal accounting software to track its assets. The company’s team had to rely on manual data entry and storing information in a program that wasn’t designed for asset tracking. The process was incredibly tedious, and often subject to error. The accounting team ended up spending several hours a week tracking assets and communicating between departments on asset conditions and locations. This process made it difficult for them to track their assets in real time, which can often lead to losing track of resources or not being able to get the assets they need to support their clients.

Logicforce had a clear idea of what it wanted in a software. Before the company decided to go with Asset Panda, it looked into the features of 10 programs and ended up demoing 5 of them. The business ended up going with Asset Panda because it made asset tracking more cost effective and had all of the tools and features Logicforce needed to continue helping its clients.

Using the Excel spreadsheet to track assets cost the accounting department 3-4 hours each week, which often took up time employees needed to work on other accounting issues. Even with this time, they wouldn’t be able to access real-time asset data, so any team member couldn’t be sure if the information they were looking at was accurate. Now, it takes them an average of 30 minutes.

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The accounting department at Logicforce likes Asset Panda for three reasons:

  1. Cloud Computing

Having your information stored in the cloud means you don’t have to back up anything on your own server. If anything happens to any of the machines you’re working on, you’ll still be able to access asset data. On top of that, you don’t have to use a specific device to update or pull up asset records. You can log in to the secure system and find what you need at any time.

  1. Helpful Customer Support

If anything should go wrong in using Asset Panda, our customer support team will help you figure it out. Logicforce found it easy to navigate any issues it had in implementing the software because of the helpfulness of our customer support team.

  1. Efficiently Manage All of Your Assets

Using Asset Panda made it easy for Logicforce to use one solution for all of its asset tracking needs. Our flexible platform made it easy for the company’s accounting team to store all of the quality data it needed to access at any given time. The department didn’t have to worry about spending a lot of time learning how the platform works, and it ended up saving the team several hours of time each week.

Want to see how Asset Panda can help your company manage your assets? Check out more customer testimonials on our YouTube channel, or try our software for free today!


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