May the 4th Cinco de Derby

By May 17, 2018About Us

We’re dedicated to some healthy fun. Running races are right up our alley. Check out some members of the AP team at the Mud Factor race at Myers Park, McKinney, Texas. Nice guns, guys!

So, what do you do when May the 4th, the Kentucky Derby AND Cinco de Mayo all fall within a day of each other? Here at Asset Panda, we obviously celebrated Cinco de Derby on May the 4th of course! Check out our fancy hats, light sabers, and an on-site margarita machine.

We love visiting happy customers, and we had the opportunity to go up to Salt Lake City and say ‘hi’ to our pals at CHG Healthcare. Check out the 360º view they see every day. We’re a little jealish of their ah-mazing office to be honest 😀

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