On the Go with Mobile Asset Tracking Software

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On the Go with Mobile Asset Tracking SoftwareEveryone is on the go these days. Running from meeting to meeting. One job site to another. Chances are that when your employees are going from place to place, whether in one building or across the globe, they are using company assets of some type. Companies and their employees rely heavily on their assets and when they are lost or missing or not kept up to date for upgrades or repairs they can cause all sorts of problems. Mobile asset tracking software is changing the way businesses of all sizes keep up with assets on the go.

As more and more companies are realizing, the benefits of asset tracking are plentiful. Companies who employ asset tracking in their everyday actions experience better efficiency, more awareness of company resources, an increase in accountability among employees, and enhanced customer service capabilities. And on top of those benefits, companies are saving valuable time and money!

The days of spending hours upon hours entering data into an Excel sheet are long gone. Employees want instant access to current data and the Excel way is full of potential errors like mistyped data or complete omissions of data. With our on-the-go workforce, mobility and the ability to update or receive data anytime from anywhere has proven to be a real value for users of asset tracking and management software platforms.


“Mobile asset tracking software goes way beyond the capabilities and features of an excel spreadsheet or even a handheld scanner.”


Mobile asset tracking has introduced a multitude of efficiencies to the asset tracking and management process. Benefits include:

  • Enabling allocated employees to pull up at a moment’s notice the entire lifecycle of an asset, and make informed decisions.
  • When your records are accurate and in real time, it’s more difficult for items to go missing or otherwise fall through the cracks.
  • Ghost assets become a thing of the past.
  • Tracking the values of your fixed assets no longer involves guesswork.

Mobile asset tracking software goes way beyond the capabilities and features of an excel spreadsheet or even a handheld scanner. Users can add new assets the second they are acquired from their own smartphone or tablet. Users can also add supporting information to the asset, like documents, videos, voice notes or photos; lease/purchase information; pull up its complete maintenance history; send work orders; create reports; set up alerts and reminders about maintenance; establish equipment refresh schedules and plan your budget based on reliable data.

When it comes to mobile asset tracking software, always keep in mind that you should find a software that works for you and changes with you as your business changes. Look for mobile asset tracking software that’s customizable, flexible, scalable, easy to use and yet powerful all at the same time.

Asset Panda offers the most cost-effective, customizable and intuitive mobile asset tracking solution in the world. Our free mobile iOS and Android apps include a mobile scanner, effectively eliminating the need for any additional hardware. All you need is the smartphone or tablet you already carry – or use the web app if you prefer. Asset Panda is designed to bring all of your stakeholders into the communication loop for maximum accountability and accuracy. Our customizable suite of features enables you to track your assets any way you want, anywhere you want. Exporting and importing data out of and into the tool is easy, and integration with legacy systems is simple. You won’t need any special training to get up to speed quickly.

Asset Panda syncs with the cloud, giving you any time access to the accurate data you depend on to keep your business running smoothly. Whether you need to locate an item’s check-in/check-out status, depreciation or inflation, maintenance history, lease/purchase information, create a work order, set up a custom notification or generate a report, everything you need to manage the lifecycle of your vital assets is as near as the palm of your hand.

Check out how Asset Panda user Dogs Deserve It, LLC  has solved some key challenges thanks to our mobile asset tracking software. Maybe you should consider Asset Panda’s mobile asset tracking software for your organization as well. Click here for a free quote and to start a 14-day trial.

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