How Mobile Barcode Solutions Assist Job Site-Based Companies

By December 11, 2018Asset Tracking, Blog

How Mobile Barcode Solutions Assist Job Site-Based CompaniesIt should go without saying that technology is advancing at a rapid rate. Companies who provide on-site or in-person assistance to their customers need to make sure they have up-to-date computers, devices, and other kinds of technology with them, or they risk not being able to conduct their jobs properly. These companies need to be able to travel to each site with several assets, but how are they to track all these moving parts?

Mobile barcode solutions are a must for any company that sends employees out in the field. Trying to rely on your team members to remember all the items they need to take with them between job sites is a recipe for disaster. Here’s why mobile barcode solutions are essential to companies with multiple job sites.

The Need for a Mobile Inventory System

Your inventory of assets is already traveling with your employees. Trying to use an inventory system that was designed for a single location will not work because that’s not how your company operates.

Instead, you need a system that matches how you currently do business. If your team tries to change the way they work to make one inventory method function, you’ll create more problems than you solve.

Implementing a mobile inventory system will help you make sure you track what’s going on in your company as it happens. This type of tracking is based on the cloud, so it can be updated in real time. You’ll see changes when they are made, instead of learning about them long after they’ve happened. Keeping up with shifts in the workflow can help you brace for busy times or seek out more clients when things are slow.

Asset Tracking and Work Orders

You can easily connect your technical assets with the type of work orders they are used on. Not only does this help you as a manager see where each of your assets is being used, but it helps your entire company get a clear picture as to what your clients need.

Pairing up asset tracking and work orders is a great way to keep a finger on your client heartbeat. As you track where your tools are going, and what equipment is used, you’ll also get an insight into the types of help your clients ask for help to solve. This knowledge can help inform your company’s marketing decisions and will give you a leg up in expanding your business reach.

Different Kinds of Mobile Barcode Solutions

There are dozens of mobile barcode solutions on the market today. You’ll have to evaluate your company’s current needs before you can decide on which one works best for you. Whatever software you decide to implement should support your entire team, not just those who oversee asset maintenance.

When all your employees are involved in the tracking process, your records will be more correct. You’ll also be able to see parts of the company that wasn’t visible before. Because each of your employees works in different departments, they have more experience in the areas they work in. This gives them unique insight into the strengths and weaknesses of that area of your business.

Asset Panda has created a fully customizable tracking solution that can morph to meet any company’s requirements. Inc 5000 named Asset Panda as #104 in their list of companies to watch. The list also recognized this asset tracking solution as one of the top 10 software companies experiencing the most growth in America for 2018. Find out why by taking a free guided tour.

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