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Online App Asset Tracking Software

Our cloud-based software, paired up with our mobile apps, is the most versatile asset-tracking platform on the market. We offer a highly customizable platform that is flexible, easy to use, and does not require extra software or equipment.


Complete Customization

Asset Panda adapts to the way your work. Configure the online app to accommodate your specific requirements. Enjoy the freedom to change every data field to reflect your organization’s structure. Rename, reorder, and add or delete fields as frequently as needed. Customize notifications, the calendar, and your dashboard – all without any extra costs for your business.


Flexible Reporting

Asset Panda provides built-in asset tracking reports, or you can configure your own reports to fit your business needs. This feature is designed to deliver real-time data at every level; from a snapshot of your assets’ locations to insights into asset actions including check out, maintenance history, and change history. Custom reporting includes audit, action, change, depreciation and inflation calculation.


Uncompromising Security

You can configure security settings based on role, user, locations, and field-level permissions. We are monitored by Security Metrics and are PCI compliant. Asset Panda’s software and data are securely hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) EC2 and S3. Data exchange uses a 256-bit encryption SSL.



Easy Integration

Our flexible platform, along with its open API, allows you to integrate Asset Panda with any other software you might use. You will be able to move data to and from other applications to help manage your assets. Let our configuration specialists optimize your processes by seamlessly integrating Asset Panda with the system you already have in place.



Significant timesaving – For you and your organization

Highly adaptable and flexible platform – Asset Panda adapts to the way you work

Close the loop between all departments that use your assets

Unlimited users to collaborate on your account – Allows stakeholders easy and secure access to every asset across departments and promotes greater accountability from every user

Complete end-to-end asset tracking and management functions

No hardware to install or servers to manage

User-defined asset tracking reports

BYOD Compatibility – cost savings from using your own mobile devices

Real-time access to asset location and user

Cost savings from reallocating idle or unused equipment

Eliminate instances of misplaced equipment or devices

Automatically collect data for asset management compliance

Increased accountability at multiple locations

Accurately document equipment movements

Lower asset support cost

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