Our pricing is as flexible as our platform, which means you’ll get everything you need at a price that works for you, including:

  • Free world-class support via phone, email, and live chat
  • Free implementation service to configure your system
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Per Asset

Leverage the full power of your organization with unlimited users and roles. Asset based pricing has you covered.

Good for: Tracking tools or other assets that get used or moved by lots of people.

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Per User

Small group of people with a lot of stuff to track? Try a per user pricing plan.

Good for: Small IT or other teams that manage a lot of assets but don’t have a lot of users.

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Per Location

Managing assets across multiple locations? We can handle that.

Good for: Companies or schools with assets tracked or moved among several locations, campuses, or buildings.

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Complex workflows with lots of users, thousands of assets, and multiple locations?

We love a challenge, and will work with you to create a plan that fits you best.

“This is easy to use and, for the price, is unbeatable. It allows me to track all of my assets and software with ease from my mobile phone and computer.”

Andy Hill
IT Administrator
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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s an asset?

An asset can be anything that provides value for your company. Equipment, tools, software, employees, buildings, and furniture are just a few examples of what Asset Panda can help you track.

What does “unlimited users” mean?

Other solutions offer pricing plans based on the number of users, but we feel that’s too restrictive. We want you to be able to provide access to as many people as you want. That way you can pay for what you’re tracking instead of how many people are trying to track it.

Do I need to buy a barcode scanner?

Nope! Odds are, you already own all the equipment you need (smartphones and/or tablets) to use Asset Panda’s barcode scanning feature. With our solution, there’s no need to pay hundreds of dollars more for scanning equipment.

Can I track preventive maintenance?

Yes! All of your employee scan record maintenance jobs in real time wherever they are, right from their mobile devices. You’ll be able to see maintenance history and repair logs, plus you can set up notifications to ensure that required maintenance is being completed.

Can I perform audits on my assets?

Yes, and you can do so as quickly and easily as scanning a barcode with your smartphone or tablet. As you perform an audit you can add detailed information including pictures and videos, and an electronic signature requirement can enhance the security of the process. When you’ve completed your audit, you can retrieve related reports directly from our web application.

How will I know where my assets are?

Every time you update an asset with the mobile app, the GPS coordinates will be updated for that asset. You can then view exactly where the scan took place on a map.

What integrations are included?

You won’t need to pay extra to connect Asset Panda to G Suite, ConnectWise, Zen Desk, or any of our other integrated applications. All of them are included in your base price.

What if I need to track more assets?

Asset Panda is built to expand with your needs, so you can upgrade your plan at any time.

Can Asset Panda handle facilities management?

Absolutely. Our Facilities Management module (included for free) makes it simple to create and manage work orders assigned to your equipment, track check in and check out activity, and manage electronic signatures so you can keep track of the most important support equipment for your organization.

Can I track contracts and leases?

Yep! With Asset Panda, you can assign contract and lease related information directly to each of your assets. By creating triggers and calendar events, you can track the use of those assets, monitor their condition, and enhance your regulatory compliance process.

Do I need a separate system for work orders and help desk tickets?

No! You can create and manage work orders and tickets and link them to employees, equipment, buildings, vehicles, or anything else that suits your needs.

Can my employees reserve or request items?

Of course! Each of your assets can be easily requested or reserved with a simple action in the mobile or desktop app. Your employees can fill in the reason for their request, the date the asset is needed, and when they expect to return it so you can easily keep track of the process.

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"Thanks to Asset Panda, we are able to keep up with all of our equipment as it moves from place to place. We know where our equipment is at any given time, and we no longer have equipment missing. "

Unity Hospice Avi Kolko, Director of Operations

"I have been so impressed with Asset Panda that I need to share the experience so that others may also benefit from the software."

Dimension DataJeremy Imholz, Network Engineer

"Asset Panda has helped us move away from hard-to-manage spreadsheets and databases to one easy-to-use-and-manage platform."

Quakertown Community School DistrictJoe Kuzo, Director of Technology

"IT assets can be quite expensive so having Asset Panda as our primary tool to keep up with the pieces that are constantly on the move has been especially useful."

The Lucas GroupMichael Puleo, IT Auditor

"I would recommend Asset Panda to anyone who needs a low-cost and highly customizable solution for tracking assets of any kind."

Nuera Project Consulting, LLCBrendan Ryan, IT Manager

"The most useful feature of Asset Panda has been its ability to help me quickly look up the age of my equipment and when its warranty expires."

WuXi NextCODESiggi Örn Gunnarsson, System Administrator

"Asset Panda makes keeping an inventory of what we have much easier than other methods."

Christian Vision North AmericaCadeau Juraschek, Content Specialist

"Being able to access our asset data gives all members of our team access to the information on each individual asset they need at any time."

The National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR)Jody Williams, Computing and Web Infrastructure

"I would recommend other businesses/organizations with IT assets, or any valuable assets for that matter, to give Asset Panda a try."

The Rock Family Worship CenterClint Talton, IT Systems Administrator

"Our restaurants have reported no asset losses since tagging began."

BLD Brands, LLC Michael Loox, Director of Loss Prevention