Not Meeting LEED Building Requirements? Try Using Public Works Management Software

Not Meeting LEED Building Requirements? Try Using Public Works Management SoftwareSustainable economic development is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a public works system. Tracking data through a public works management software program can help you as a manager address many of the challenges that come with the territory.

One of the biggest issues in public works in lack of education. Everyone involved needs to know about building codes, performance, infrastructure, regulations, and more. Many of these codes are recent developments and change how local enforcement works and who gets involved.

According to a white paper published by ICMA and the American Public Works Association, the challenges in this environment are as follows.

  1. Policymakers must be informed about relevant building codes and requirements.
  2. Staff needs to know the specifications of encouraging building performance, enforcing codes and regulations, monitoring building performance, and promoting energy efficiency.
  3. Staff also needs the training necessary to solve problems that come up during construction and building regulation.
  4. Regulatory systems need to prioritize the development of the local economy and promote energy efficiency and sustainability.
  5. Organizational structures need to facilitate interdepartmental collaboration. There should be a streamlined process from the planning stages through construction and filling occupancy.
  6. Energy efficiency and sustainability pledges increase the stress on local governments in charge of public works. Emerging codes like the LEED rating system and stretch codes require more advanced knowledge than previous building requirements. Appraisers and evaluators must receive additional training to check for compliance with new regulations.

Public Works Management Software Stores Information Vital to Education

When configured correctly, public works management software can help you address all of the challenges listed above.

Whatever building codes and requirements apply to each unit under the care of public works, you can store it in your management software. Find or create an informational document on each of the codes that apply to the building in question. Then, create an entry for that building in your software program. Within that entry, provide a link to the codes in question.

Once you have your database set up the way you like it, create an account for policymakers and staff to use. They can then log into the system and check on building performance specifications and energy efficiency requirements.

You can also create entries that detail how each building interacts with the local economy. What part of the city is it in? What is the environment like there?

If certain buildings must stick to specific requirements, such as the LEED rating system, indicate that in the entry for that building. You can create a section in the entry that specifies what certifications technicians must have before they can perform maintenance or check-ups. That way, if something goes wrong with the wiring or set up of your building, you can find out what kind of contractor to hire.

Asset Panda’s cloud-based platform is easily configurable to help you track all of the industry-specific building codes and requirements you have to follow. You can also include unlimited users, so it won’t cost you anything extra to add your staff or other policymakers to your system.

This access anywhere database is a great way to make sure all departments are on the same page. Once a building is ready for plumbing, contractors can access your system and see how the regulations impact their job. That way, they won’t place piping in a way that creates problems for future contractors.

CPA Practice Advisor rates Asset Panda 4.5 out of 5. The review specifies easily configurable asset management as one of the highlights of the software.

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