Make your Purchase Order process, well, painless


Get a one-stop solution to handle everything from procurement through vendor engagement and all the way through payment and fulfillment. We can provide a full overview of the process and give controlled access to every stakeholder and vendor.

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Our state-of-the-art no-code web and mobile platforms work on devices your team is already using to manage purchase orders—keeping asset and approval information at your fingertips so you can create a seamless experience throughout the purchasing process.

We can replace whatever static, expensive solution you currently have in place. It gives a full view of the purchase order process by pulling existing data into purchase order invoices. This configuration makes approvals, billing and fulfillment easy, and helps manage your budgetary process while ensuring quality control.

Asset Panda’s Purchase Order Configuration provides you with the tools you need to:

  • Easily multi-select items, or item types, to add to an order.
  • Develop highly customizable workflows and approval processes.
  • Quickly and easily update purchase order statuses with vendor updates.
  • Benefit from a simple and transparent approach to managing and tracking purchase orders.
  • Enjoy start-to-finish streamlining of your procurement process.
  • Automatically create asset records based on the receipt process.
  • Confidently direct the full procurement process lifecycle, engaging vendors and managing the ordering process all the way through payment and fulfillment.

The Asset Panda Purchase Order Configuration keeps real-time data about your purchase orders easily accessible from anywhere at any time, so you can work smarter.

Asset Panda provides anywhere anytime access to real-time asset data, making it easy to know what’s available to verify whether you’ve already purchased an item, track down an existing item, and send reports straight to insurance providers and other necessary parties. Asset Panda goes beyond basic check in/check out. After all, the value of your organization’s assets is ever-changing: both appreciating and depreciating over time as factors such as the item’s location, length of use, condition state, repairs, and usefulness come together to determine the asset’s actual value.