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Businesses of any size must compile an accurate and up-to-date record of its fixed assets in order to be profitable. Failing to keep a close eye on spending will certainly reduce growth. Implementing a reliable and precise tracking system has become a priority for successful organizations. One key component of an effective process is purchase order management.

Managing what is being purchased, what are the negotiated prices, and which vendors provide goods and services are all vital records to any business. Keeping track of these pieces of information allows you to easily identify areas that need to reduce spending, enforce policies and processes, and eliminate redundancies.

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Why Asset Panda for Purchase Order Management?

Asset Panda is more than a fixed asset tracking software. Our system tracks, manages, and supports the complete lifecycle of your fixed assets. Inevitably, purchase order management becomes a significant component of your assets’ lifecycle.

You can configure the system to work however best fits your organization. Within Asset Panda’s ecosystem, you can request, approve, and generate purchase orders.

The system will then email the purchase order to the appropriate party, which could be the vendor or the accounting department.

Once you have received your order, add a new asset for each of the items you purchased and attach the purchase order and invoice to each new asset. Record your assets’ entire lifecycle – from purchase, repairs, maintenance, to sale or disposal – all in one easy to use platform.

Asset Panda for Purchase Order Management Benefits:

  • Centralize purchase orders to avoid duplicate purchases
  • Easily organize and track every purchase order
  • Approve every purchase order before generating them
  • Email purchase orders to vendors and eliminate paperwork
  • Keep an accurate record of your fixed assets’ entire lifecycle


  • Cloud-based software and mobile apps automatically sync so you have real time access to any changes, updates, and requests
  • Every feature comes standard with your Asset Panda account
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited mobile downloads
  • Unlimited locations
  • Unlimited flexibility
  • Custom reporting capabilities
  • Configure your account to fit your business
  • No extra hardware and software purchase necessary
  • Use the mobile devices your employees already carry