Ramp Up Your Customer Satisfaction With Asset Panda’s Simple, Powerful Mobile App

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Ramp Up Your Customer Satisfaction With Asset Panda’s Simple, Powerful Mobile AppFinding and retaining customers is among the biggest challenges faced by any organization. Smart companies have harnessed mobile technology as a means to do just that – improve customer service, generate customer loyalty, better understand their customers and, ultimately, increase their revenue. Consumers want simplified, streamlined processes they can perform anytime, anywhere, and quickly. The ideal mobile experience, then, should be convenient, fast and turnkey, enabling users to handle a task from start to finish from a smartphone or tablet day or night.

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We’ve recently seen some staggering statistics regarding mobile technology habits:

  • The time spent on mobile devices has increased 90 percent since 2013. (comScore, 2015 U.S. Mobile App Report).
  • Time spent on mobile (51 percent) is now significantly higher than desktop (42 percent). (KPCB, 2015 Internet Trends)
  • Wearable usage has jumped 57 percent from 2014 (25.1 million to 29.5 million). (eMarketer)
  • 80 percent of organizations say that mobile customer service has a positive influence on their businesses, and 70 percent are trying to boost their mobile customer service. (simicart.com)

What we’re seeing is nothing short of a massive cultural shift, and more businesses are jumping on board in an effort to get a leg up on the competition.

Many Asset Panda customers are using our simple, powerful mobile platform as an enterprise service desk. That feature enables our customers to spend much less time fielding support calls – a benefit that organizations of any size can appreciate. But the advantages of this feature reach way beyond convenience. Asset Panda enables companies to raise the bar on the level of service they provide their own customers, and we all know how crucially important it is to keep customers satisfied. Happy customers become lifetime customers. They recommend you to family, friends and acquaintances. Now that we’re living in an era ruled by social media, those recommendations travel fast and far, and they mean more than ever. In fact, Nielsen’s 2015 Global Trust in Advertising Report found that two-thirds of respondents (a sample of people from among 60 countries) trust consumer opinions posted online.

How exactly does Asset Panda improve customer service – and trust – for their clients?

Our mobile platform can help service companies better understand their consumers. Asset Panda essentially closes the loop among customers, the service company and service agency, keeping everyone informed and up to speed about the location, condition and other vital details related to equipment. Customers, set up according to user-based permissions, can notify service companies through Asset Panda when an item requires maintenance. The service company, in turn, is able to provide faster, more responsive service, and, ultimately, identify where customers’ needs are greater. The reporting function, too, is made easier and more streamlined.

Let’s take a look at four examples for more specifics:

Restaurant supply service company

A large restaurant supply service company provides commercial equipment, equipment service and warranty management for its clients. Using Asset Panda, the company’s clients scan barcodes and reference warranties. If something isn’t working properly on a piece of equipment, the company’s clients may access the user guide for troubleshooting tips. If those pointers don’t resolve the problem, the client may then initiate a service request through Asset Panda. The restaurant supply service company receives notification of that request, and the service agency, or vendor, receives an email through Asset Panda. Once the service has been performed, the vendor updates the work order. The restaurant supply service company may also create an invoice through the Asset Panda mobile app. Plus, when an item’s warranty expires, the restaurant supply service company can offer that respective client an extended warranty – a potential revenue generator.

Global soft drink brand

A global carbonated soft drink company – one of the world’s most recognized brands — uses Asset Panda in much the same way as the restaurant supply service company described above. The soft drink company works with end users of assets like soda machines, coolers and air conditioning condensers, as well as the companies who service that equipment. Communication among all of these stakeholders is critical for this company in order to keep customers satisfied, their machines running smoothly and their revenue streams healthy. The Asset Panda facilitates communication among the company’s warehouses, its third-party technicians and, ultimately, its customers at thousands of retail centers and restaurants.

Equipment repair and replacement is a costly business. Neglected parts and overdue service turn minor fixes into major ones. However, Asset Panda’s associated efficiencies promote proper maintenance, prevent unnecessary expenses and helps keep machines and equipment in good working order.

Provider of commercial services and supplies

This company designs, manufactures and services shopping carts and material handling equipment to retailers in the United States; and provides on-site repair and maintenance services. Using Asset Panda’s free mobile iOS or Android app, clients send the company a notice, requesting inspection of equipment. After performing the inspection, the company issues a repair ticket, updates the equipment records, generates an invoice through QuickBooks and forwards it to the customer – all through the Asset Panda app.

Insurance company

This fully licensed specialized insurance provider is also a third-party administrator for extended warranty and service plan solutions. One of its clients, a major airline, maintains an inventory of mobile devices, including phones and tablets, which the company insures. Some of these devices are used by pilots, flight attendants, gate agents and other staff, while others – iPads, for example — are on loan to passengers to use during flights. It’s not hard to imagine that these devices can be very easily lost or stolen if not properly tracked. That’s where Asset Panda comes in, empowering the airline to maintain accountability for the location and condition of every device. With better management over its assets, the airline significantly lowers its potential liability, ensuring that it doesn’t overpay for insurance, and, subsequently, saving a significant amount of revenue. The entire lifecycle of each of these mobile devices lives on the Asset Panda app, and because the apps sync with the cloud, the information is always in real time, day or night.

Asset Panda: Track Your Assets Any Way You Want.

With Asset Panda’s custom database, available on both mobile and web platforms, you can build a comprehensive overview of your assets. Add specific details in your custom entries, like repair and replacement costs, current condition and administrative information, which promotes better decision-making and can help deter wasteful spending.

We Adapt to YOUR Needs.

The days of costly, time-consuming and error-prone spreadsheets are over. Now, everything you need to know about your assets lives in the palm of your hand. Clients can generate automated reports about their assets. A built-in mobile barcode scanner helps them quickly locate specific items by searching items they’ve already logged into Asset Panda. Collectively, these features help promote efficient tracking of assets — even for entities with a tremendous volume of fixed assets to manage at any given time — eliminates costly errors and focuses critical resources where they’re most needed. From its flexibility and configurability to the ease of use and unbeatable value, this truly groundbreaking platform stands alone in the marketplace.

Our complete features offering https://www.assetpanda.com/features/ is not only extensive; it’s totally customizable to your needs and available to every Asset Panda customer. Plus, you’re entitled to an unlimited number of users at no additional charge.

Begin your free 14-day trial, and find out for yourself why companies around the globe trust Asset Panda to help them manage not just their assets, but their valued customer relationships. For more information, visit assetpanda.com.  If customer satisfaction is important to you contact one of our asset tracking experts.

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