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Real Estate companies are responsible for numerous fixed assets, and those assets are as diverse as the real estate properties they manage. Asset tracking for real estate companies is an essential component of a well-organized and successful business. Real estate managers must have a current inventory of their fixed assets, their maintenance services and requests, and any other applicable information associated to each fixed asset. If there isn’t a well-organized system in place, assets may be forgotten or disregarded; which will cost your business thousands of dollars every year. Software for Real Estate Fixed Asset Tracking must be able to not only track, but also manage and provide support to assets as well as to tenants.

Asset Panda’s mighty fixed asset tracking software for real estate management will optimize your business by streamlining your fixed asset tracking, managing, and supporting processes.

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Asset Panda’s cloud-based software platform is extraordinarily flexible so it adapts to the way you work. You will be able to not only track, manage, and service all of your fixed assets, but Asset Panda also gives you the ability to receive maintenance requests from your tenants. Whether you manage a single building or a multi family complex, Asset Panda can be implemented to accommodate all of your real estate maintenance responsibilities.

Equipped with the mobile devices you and your team already carry, update Asset Panda by scanning barcodes or QR codes through the integrated barcode scanning function in our mobile app from anywhere. Need to request support or issue a work order ticket? Do it through Asset Panda’s enterprise service desk. Streamline your support and maintenance services and significantly reduce support calls. These are just some of the ways Asset Panda can benefit your real estate company.   


  • Free Mobile Apps and Powerful cloud-based Platform
  • Track, manage, and support all of your fixed assets – including complete history of each asset
  • Extraordinarily flexible platform – Asset Panda adapts to the way you work
  • Use the devices you and your employees already carry – save money by not purchasing extra equipment and software
  • Mobile system that let’s you track, manage, and support your assets from anywhere
  • Robust reporting abilities, including automated reports
  • Enterprise service desk capability– schedule maintenance or request work orders and significantly reduce support calls
  • Streamline communications between your company and tenants
  • Unlimited users allowed to collaborate on your account – promotes higher accountability from every user

For more information on how Asset Panda can benefit you and your business, request a demo or contact one of our Panda Specialists at (855) 214-1521. We can chat about pandas or the weather in Texas if that’s what you’re into. We’d love to hear from you!