Reducing Resource Drains in the Doctor’s Office

By August 5, 2013Asset Tracking

Managing a doctor’s office not only requires knowledge of the medical world, but also a desire to be organized and efficient. Lacking either of these qualities can be key factors to a complete failure ofasset control. Stethoscopes, patella hammers, and other essentials don’t come cheap. If you find that your practice is constantly losing or needing to replace these items, the prognosis could be a different approach to protecting these assets.

Organizing Specialty Tools

With Asset Panda, entries can be made to cover all of these medical tools. As you build the database, be sure to include model information, replacement values, notes on current usage, and serial numbers when applicable. This way, you’ll never be left wondering who is using which specialty tools. If you don’t have time to type up a description, simply use the voice note feature to trim a few minutes off of the process. Setting up a proper physical asset management system does take some work, but not nearly as much work as trying to fix a budget that is constantly leaking money.

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