3 Benefits of Free Maintenance Tracking Software

When your car is broken what do you do? Take it to the shop for repairs. If your cable stops working what do you do? Call the cable company and have a technician come out and fix it. Sometimes you get a warning light that there is something wrong, but that’s not always the case. Maintaining your car or television equipment to make sure it’s in optimal working condition is your responsibility. The same can be said for your business assets. Free maintenance tracking software as part of an asset tracking and management platform is an important component in maintaining assets of every type.

Do you know the maintenance status of all of your vital equipment? Is it up to date? How often has it been repaired? Is it draining your budget because it’s not a fit for your business? Many of the asset tracking platforms include free maintenance tracking software to help answer these questions. If you aren’t using it, you should be.

If you are frequent visitors of this blog, you know that having an asset tracking system is a huge benefit for your business or organization. There are so many fantastic features that are designed to simplify the process of tracking assets. One of the most overlooked and important features is that of maintenance tracking. The return on your investment in asset tracking software with included free maintenance tracking software can be realized in a very short time.

Maintenance tracking software allows businesses to better understand their requirements for equipment maintenance by keeping accurate work order schedules, inventory records, and equipment reports. Managers and decision makers can use this information to make effective arrangements for their employees and the tools they need and better financial decisions for the company as a whole.

Here is why this included feature is so useful:

Time Savings
When equipment is missing or goes out of service, it causes delays. By planning ahead for equipment repairs using your asset tracking platform’s free maintenance tracking software, you can feel confident that your employees don’t have to be without the devices and supplies needed to do their jobs. Having the knowledge of what equipment will be unavailable ahead of time saves time in trying to come up with alternative projects, searching for replacement tools, or just simply waiting until the equipment is returned.

Financial Savings
Knowing what assets you have, where they are and their maintenance repair status are the first steps in saving money. Especially the maintenance and repair part. Keeping tabs on your equipment and ensuring it’s in good working order can make a big difference. Repairs are usually less expensive than full replacements. However by tracking how often an asset is in for repair can also show if a tool isn’t performing as a company expects or isn’t a fit for the job assigned to it. Management can then evaluate equipment and find items that may last longer or are at a better price for their use. But by keeping equipment operating at prime levels no matter what, you’ll help your devices last longer and save thousands of dollars for your organization.

Reduction of Errors
The old days of manual record keeping or online shared spreadsheets are no more. Those methods take more time to update, are accessible from specific locations or computers, and are prone to errors. And errors cost both time and money. By using built-in free maintenance tracking software, companies promote better work efficiency, schedule tasks, and repairs, assign work orders, regulate safety requirements and licenses, manage inventory, etc. And it can all be done in one central location thanks to mobile capabilities.

Asset Panda offers its users free maintenance tracking software and so much more. Our robust, but simple to use platform features a reliable, flexible, and customizable platform that is configured to meet your asset and maintenance tracking needs.

Your database is stored in the cloud using secure servers, so your entire team can access all of your company’s maintenance records anytime, from anywhere. Our program is so easy to use and does not feature complicated user interfaces or insecure programs that might deter your team from using it.

Additionally, Asset Panda allows your team to utilize the mobile devices they already have to access company data. There’s no need for expensive barcode scanners or hardware. Our mobile compatibility saves you money and the hassle of finding the right tools to track your equipment.

Find out more with a free 14-day trial of Asset Panda. Visit www.assetpanda.com to get started.

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